Doctor’s Day Special: How To Please Your Doctor?

Doctor’s Day Special: How To Please Your Doctor?

tribute to doctors on Doctor's Day

First and foremost, HAPPY DOCTOR’S DAY to all!

Born in a doctor’s family, I have witnessed the challenges my father has faced. He would be missing in most of the school functions, meetings because he was undertaking a bigger and noble cause – catering to his needy patients. Most importantly, he had to leave any moment when there was an emergency. I still remember, he was taking a shower; he got a phone call from our nurse regarding an emergency and he literally sprinted with shampoo on his hair. So, that’s the dedication I have witnessed in my father as well as in my brother – who is an Ayurvedic doctor too. But, nowadays, when I read about the violence on doctors, I really feel disappointed. Without any qualms, people have started hitting doctors, torturing them and not trying to understand their side of the story. If the doctor is wrong in any way, then you have legal ways to approach but hitting someone is not going to solve the situation.

And so, to mark the commemoration of Doctor’s Day, hereby, I am sharing ways to keep your doctor happy!

  • Believe In Your Doctor

A doctor is an expert who gives his predictions only after examining your medical history. Several patients complain that – doctors wish to earn easy money and that’s the reason why they have hefty consultation charges. A doctor spends 7-8 years of his life to gain expertise and we conveniently assume that they know nothing about us. You must give time to the doctor to diagnose your health issue and for that, you must believe in your doctor. Stop making false assumptions and life will become simpler.

  •   Avoid ‘Google’ Knowledge

Thanks to Google, we know everything about our anatomy. A minute symptom and we start building assumptions based on Google search. But remember, your doctor has not received his/her degree from Google, because he/she has slogged for years to get that degree. So, whenever you meet your doctor, avoid using Google knowledge because your doctor has better knowledge than any search engine. And most of the doctors get disheartened when the patient trusts Google more than him. So, this doctor’s day, make it point to bid adieu to half-baked knowledge.

  • Greet Them With Respect

A doctor meets a lot of patients in a day. There are so many things going on in their head. Amidst this, if a patient starts nagging or asking baseless questions might discourage the doctor. So, whenever you enter a doctor’s clinic, make sure to greet them. Ask them about their and family’s well-being because this eases out the tension of the doctor. Then, he can examine you without any inhibitions. Above all, on this Doctor’s day let’s remember to turn off our mobile phone while visiting the doctor because it is rude and disturbing.

  • Don’t Trouble During Wee Hours

I totally understand when it comes to health, we tend to get panicky. But that doesn’t give us the liberty to call our doctors whenever we wish to. Yes, in case of emergency, there is no room for excuses but when it comes to petty issues, why trouble a doctor by calling again and again. The doctor shares the number for emergency and not to cater to your symptoms that are reasonless.

  • Doctor Is A Human

On Doctor’s Day, I really want to urge people that – a doctor is not God. At last, he is a human being and boasts no superpowers. I have seen patients walking in my dad’s clinic with a plight that it is imperative that he cures them. Doctors contribute all their efforts to save a patient but when things become irreparable no one can save them. And we as a human being and a patient have to understand this fact.

  • Treatment Differs

If you think that a certain treatment worked for your friend, then it will work on you as well! Then, you are absolutely wrong. Every person has different anatomy. Some medicines might suit your friend but might cause side-effect on your body. So, does that mean – your doctor is uneducated and naive? Do not build assumptions on someone else’s views because a doctor will never harm his/her patient. So, on this doctor’s day, let’s stop judging our doctor and let’s respect them for their pool of knowledge.

  • Keep Your Reports Handy

If you are visiting any doctor – for the first time or the zillionth time, make sure to keep your reports handy. Reports play a pivotal role while determining your medical history. Throughout my PCOD journey, my reports right from inception helped immensely for doctors to determine the root cause. This will save your time, money and will please your doctor too.

So, these are some of the points, I think are important to bridge the gap between you and your doctor. However, remember to practice these agenda not only on Doctor’s day but on all days. By any chance, if I have missed out any point, then feel free to comment!

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