8 Best Bollywood Films On Friendship You Must Watch On Repeat Mode!

I am a complete movie junkie, so watching rather binge-watching movies is like my hobby. Everybody believes that Hollywood movies are more meaningful and Bollywood movies are masala flicks. But people are unaware that there are so many movies that are not only meaningful but impart some amazing lessons of life. Bollywood has been experimenting […]

6 Intriguing Life Lessons ‘Tamasha’ Taught Us!

I am a die-hard fan of Bollywood and so I avoid missing out any good film. One such film that is etched in my memory is Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Also, I am a die-hard fan of Ranbir, so missing out this film was out of question. When the screening started, the […]

Did You Know These Worst Bollywood Remake Songs?

Naach aur gaana (dance and songs) are the heart and soul of Bollywood movies and that makes them unique. Since inception, this industry has followed the path of original music with mesmerizing rhythm. Also, this unique quality always stands out in our films. However, new age music composers look lazy as they are coming up […]

RIP Sridevi: Remembering Her Classic Performances

My Sunday morning did not turn up so good at all. Reason – the demise of veteran and legendary actress Sridevi. First, when I received the message, I googled to confirm whether it was an internet hoax, but it turned out to be a bitter truth. Literally, all her movies and her performances started flashing […]

Songs You Need To Cherish On World Radio Day!

Radio has played an integral part in our lives. Thanks to my parents, we were accustomed to this habit, right from our childhood. Every road trip to our native place was a complete joyride with radio. Sometimes we would nag, complaint but the songs would match with our moods, thus bringing a smile on our […]