6 Amazing Tips on How to Detox after Diwali

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how to detox after diwali

I am sure everyone must have enjoyed Diwali to the fullest. Diwali is one such festival that forces us into binge eating and lethargy. Every time the lip-smacking ladoos come in front of our eyes. We convince ourselves that Diwali comes just once a year. All this bizarre thinking wreaks havoc in our poor tummy. Complemented with such feisty celebrations, it becomes next to impossible to get back to normal life. That’s when many wonder how to detox after Diwali, and I am sure your body is wanting to do the same. Therefore, I am listing some tips for a successful post-Diwali detox.

How to detox after Diwali?

Let’s get into some tips for a perfect Diwali detoxification.

1. Start exercising

Upset stomach and lethargy are prominent after Diwali. So, start exercising regularly. If you do not wish to invest in gyms, then start light exercises. A brisk walk, yoga, swimming, or even jogging can help you abundantly. Also, choose the stairs at the office or home instead of an elevator. It will help you burn those extra calories. Moreover, if you like to put on your dancing shoes, then do it without inhibitions. Moving around is a perfect post-Diwali detox to loosen up that lethargy.

2. Eat healthily

Ladoos, chakli, karanji, chiwada are irresistible, but your priority after Diwali is to eat healthy food. When it comes to following the post-Diwali detox diet, try avoiding junk food, street food, restaurant food, as well as oily, processed, and fried food. Cut down your sugar intake because you had enough during Diwali. Amid this, one of the most pivotal Diwali diet tips is to avoid leftover sweets. Instead, choose fruits over sweet and enhance your post-Diwali diet with healthy salads, green and leafy vegetables. These simple tips will give you the energy to battle lethargy after Diwali.

TIP: While cooking, try and choose healthy oil. You may cook in mustard oil, desi ghee, or even olive oil.

3. Sound eating habits

Eating healthy is important, but complement it with healthy habits too, because Diwali = binge eating. So, be watchful while maintaining a detox diet after Diwali. Maintain regular intervals between foods. If you get hunger pangs, choose healthy foods.

Replace cakes, biscuits, or chips with fruits, nuts, chiwda as they are healthier options to snack on during intervals. Also, do not pamper yourself with overeating. Most importantly, try to focus while eating and avoid doing any activity like watching TV, talking on the phone, reading, etc.

These activities are a hurdle while reciprocating your body’s signals and may lead to overeating. Eat carefully and make it a great choice for a perfect detox after Diwali.

4. Drink more water

Start your day with lemon water. This magical water eliminates unwanted toxins and sugar from the system, thus, helping immensely for weight loss. Also, if you have indigestion or heartburn, then it will give you relief. Besides, try and stay hydrated throughout the day. Stick to a count of eight glasses of water in a day. You can prepare detox water by adding mint, cucumber, and lemon in water.

TIP: You can download an app called WaterMinder. It helps to keep a tab on your water drinking habits. It gives you regular updates on when and how much water to drink. All this is managed based on your weight, height, and age.

5. Try and meet your friends

Diwali is over, and I am sure many of us start feeling blue. I know it’s natural because you have spent so many days with your loved ones. You have carved wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. And when it comes to an end, it leads to heartbreak. It may also lead to boredom. To wipe out all this negativity, you must keep in touch with your friends and family more often. Do not withdraw yourself from life. That may give you a feeling of loneliness.

6. Take enough rest

Diwali prep starts on an advanced basis. By the time it is over, many of us start getting exhausted mentally and physically. Therefore, try to grab adequate sleep. With exercising, ample sleep is equally important. Try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours because good sleep can improve your productivity and concentration. Furthermore, helping to cope up with Diwali blues. Besides, it helps in tackling unwanted cravings and hunger. So, how to detox after Diwali, then isn’t this a great tip?

On a parting note

Well, these were some of the pointers I feel are apt for a perfect detox after Diwali. However, these tips are not just limited to Diwali but to any occasion. There is never a muhurat for leading a healthy life. So, I advise you to start them straight away. Amid this, if you have tried some other tips, then feel free to share!

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