Friday Night Plan Movie Review – Infused with Positivity

Friday Night Plan - Why This Babil Khan's Movie Is A Must-Watch?

Cast – Babil Khan, Amrith Jayan, Aadhya Anand, Medha Rana, and Juhi Chawla.

Directed by – Vatsal Neelakantan.

Streaming on – Netflix

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In the hue and cry of nepotism, Babil Khan is the one-star kid who remains completely unaffected. Wonder why? Because of his modesty, honest performance and positive presence on the silver screen. I watched his debut film Qala and was left spellbound, and this Friday, I had decided beforehand to watch his next OTT release, Friday Night Plan. And believe me, it was the best decision.  

Like this real persona, the movie captures his innocence, honesty and pure heart. And without being biased, I must admit that he genuinely shines throughout the film. Looking at him, I could relate to the whole “elder brother” scenario and remember the sweet childhood I shared with my brother.

Friday Night Plan: What the Film is All About?

Well, the film revolves around two school-going brothers (Babil and Amrith Jayan) who are brought up by their mother, portrayed by Juhi Chawla. She has to leave for a work trip on Friday, and the brothers are left alone. After a series of events, they are invited to the most happening party called FNP (hence the name FRIDAY NIGHT PLAN).

The night turns out to be the most eventful, with an array of things happening around, along with a journey of self-discovery and bonding. Vatsal Neelakantan directs the film and captures some of the best moments of school life, thus reminding you of your childhood. It depicts the vulnerability of your choices in your teen years, along with some personal revelations.

Indeed, Neelakantan’s direction looks fresh and keeps you engaged throughout the film. Apart from this, the chemistry between the ensemble cast is worth watching. They also look so fresh and captivating in every frame. Not once was I bored, and I was indeed curious to know what would happen next. Babil indeed brings novelty with a variety of emotions right from the start. He is calm and holds his ground. But you know what – a person who gives him equal competition is Amrith Jayan.

Amrith Jayan plays that annoying younger sibling who never stops. However, he has a secret mission to make his brother more extroverted, pushing him to enjoy life. Though they fight, you see their bonding right from start to end. Looking at Amrith, my childhood flashed before my eyes because I was always the younger, nagging sibling.

At some point when the problem arose, I thought there’d be some filmy tadka to it, but they were handled aesthetically and realistically. I think that is the high point of the film. Even Aadhya Anand and Medha Rana have played their part well. The cameos by Juhi and Ninad Kamat are indeed eye-pleasing. I am sure you will enjoy the youthful vibrancy, the pranks, and the bonding of the brothers.

The Final Verdict

Well, for me, the movie is a must-watch! The music could have been a bit better, but watch it for the cute moments shared by the brothers; I am sure you will start missing your sibling even more.

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