Avatar: The Way of Water – High on Visuals but Low on Story Front

I love movies. After three long years, I was so excited to step into the movie theatre, and undoubtedly Avatar: The Way of Water had to be the ultimate choice. I must have watched Avatar (part one) more than 20 times, so I was ready to go to any lengths to watch the second part. […]

Mother’s Day 2022: How to Make Your Mom Feel Special

May 8 is all about celebrating Mother’s Day. Seriously, our mothers have done so much for us that one day is not enough to mark their sacrifices. When this day is around the corner, many started wondering about how to plan it. No wonder I am also one of them! Thanks to lifting all the […]

World Health Day 2022 – Tips for a Healthy Life and Environment

Did you know that April 7 is marked as WORLD HEALTH DAY that aims to draw attention to important health ailments? Moreover, given the current circumstances of COVID-19, this day has gained more prominence. With the pandemic, people across the globe have become more alert about their health.  Everyone is on a spree to boost […]

20 Movies on Relationships That Showcase Struggle

Valentine’s Day is here, and it literally instills the feeling of romanticism. The biggest reason behind this is an array of movies on relationships. They portray love in a way that evokes positivity and emotions as the lead pair fight for their relationship. However, this Valentine’s Day, I decided to do something different by listing […]

10 Brave and Strong Female Characters in the Indian Web Series

The OTT platforms have changed the face of the entertainment industry. They have opened a whole new horizon for experimentation and novelty. One notable change I witnessed is the introduction of brave and strong female characters. Gone are the days when they portrayed damsels in distress or mere glam doll. Rather, their portrayal is impregnable […]

6 Amazing Tips on How to Detox after Diwali

I am sure everyone must have enjoyed Diwali to the fullest. Diwali is one such festival that forces us into binge eating and lethargy. Every time the lip-smacking ladoos come in front of our eyes. We convince ourselves that Diwali comes just once a year. All this bizarre thinking wreaks havoc in our poor tummy. […]

Now and Then: My Childhood Memories of Diwali

As soon as the festive season kicks in, my childhood memories of Diwali start flashing. The end of Dussehra was the ultimate sign of festive vibes. Adults would start prepping for Diwali delicacies and us kids for our vacations. Diwali was the only time where we would get a long vacation and a chance to […]