35 Life Lessons I Learned in 35 years

Life lessons I learned in 35 Years

I turned 36 this year, and it is indeed a major turning point in my life. I still can’t believe I am 36. I feel I just graduated, got a new job, and recently married. 

You might think that I am freaking out about aging, but that’s untrue. Because I still feel where did the time go? 

But these last few years have been a harrowing period for me. And it taught me so much about family, love, and an array of things. Rather, they made me more confident than I was in my 20s. 

So, I decided to pen down 35 life lessons learned in life. It might sound cliché, but I had to share this with the world. By the way, I am listing only 35 because the first year I learned was only to walk!

Anyways, let’s get started.

List of 35 life lessons I followed in my life                                                                                    

1. Don’t let the child within you fade

No matter how old we become, there is always a child within us. Naysayers want us to be mature, but sometimes give everything a miss and do things your inner child wants you to do! 

2. Don’t fall prey to societal pressures 

I was always tagged as a rebellious child because I was against the flow. I married a Christian boy, and we were thronged with societal pressure. But did that obstruct my life? Never! Instead, I own my decisions, so no one is to be blamed!

3. Don’t fear new beginnings

New beginnings give new hope, so don’t be afraid to take a new leap. Like, Billy Chapata said, “don’t be afraid of new beginnings. Don’t shy away from new people, new energy, and new surroundings. Embrace new chances at happiness.

4. Follow your dreams

I literally have a multifaceted career. I pursued Bachelor’s in Arts, a Master’s in Computer Management, and finally Diploma in Journalism. I worked in a Software company, but journalism was my calling.

After journalism, I worked with Pune Mirror (Times Group) but settled in Content Writing. I always followed my heart and got immense support from my family. One of the key life lessons I learned in all these years is doing tasks that you love the most.

5. Balance work and family 

There was a time when I gave immense importance to my work. I missed a lot of festivities in the first year of my marriage because of work. When my mom needed me emotionally, I did not answer her calls.

My husband had a fractured leg, but I couldn’t be with him. But when I was operated on, suffered from PCOS, and had emotional bouts, my family was always there for me. So, give equal importance to work and family.

6. You might not agree with what people say but do not disrespect them

I have had several disagreements with my family and friends. Does that mean I should break all ties? It is okay to not agree with them, but it is wrong to disrespect them.

Every person has freedom of speech and opinion, just like yours! So, respect their opinion and don’t let that spoil your relationship. 

7. Do not frame preconceived notions

We do this a lot of times. Before meeting or interacting with a person, we have an ocean of notions. These notions literally blind us from thinking rationally.

So, keep them aside for a while and meet that person without any thoughts. You might unravel a different side altogether.

8. Save and spend

I know it is very important to save, but spending is equally important. We are saving money for a good quality of life, right? So, there’s no harm in spending a bit. 

9. Plan holidays

In our early days of marriage, my husband and I were so engrossed in work and family that we lost reminiscing those golden moments. We hardly explored places and regret this act, especially during lockdowns. 

10. Don’t hold back your feelings

There is no point in holding back your feelings. Sometimes it is best to express. Amid this, be careful to express them positively. Anger can be bad ammunition!

11. Stay firm, no matter what

Once you have made up your mind on certain things, stay firm. There will be several external forces that will try to tame you but hold your ground. If you survive this, life becomes less messy.

12. Ignorance is bliss

I am still figuring out this mantra, but I am somewhere heading towards it. I know some things you cannot ignore, and it’s damn difficult, but we can always try! Ignoring is a path to peaceful life; in most cases. 

13. Indulge into self-care

Self-care is so important, especially for women. We are grappled with so many things that we hardly spare time for ourselves.

Believe me, it is wrong! When I feel lonely, I drive down to a nursery or meet my friends, and it gives me so much happiness.

14. Learn driving

Driving is one life lesson every woman must incorporate, no matter what! Thanks to my parents, they got me admitted to a driving school when I turned 18.

Driving gives me so much happiness and a sense of independence because I do not have to depend on anyone to take me anywhere. 

15. Don’t be a people-pleaser

Sometimes, you cannot please everyone around you. Trust me, and it burdens you.

Been there and faced the toxicity of it. So, just tell these people upfront about it when you think they are wrong. You can’t please everyone because it gets on your nerves.

16. Diplomacy doesn’t work all time

When it comes to choosing sides, diplomacy is the king. I also believed in the same funda but looking at the repercussions in the later stage; I realized that it doesn’t work this way.

There will be a point when you have to choose a righteous and just side! 

17. It’s okay not to forgive

I have heard so many people say, “let it go,” “forgive them,” “God will pay them for their deeds,” and whatnot. Eventually, I have decided to turn a deaf ear to all these fundas.

People hurt you bad, backstab, and you just let them go? Nah, I don’t think so! 

18. Cry whenever you feel like

Studies reflect that crying is good for health! Of course, moderately. But believe me, it does help in releasing your emotions and helps you relax.

Whenever I feel stressed out, I cry and let out all my emotions. I believe it is a great coping mechanism.

19. Take care of your body

We hear since childhood, “health is wealth,” but I hardly gave importance to this saying. But lately, I have realized the importance of good health.

Mind you, I am not talking about physical health alone but also mental health. When your mind and body start giving signs of self-destruction, it’s best to seek professional help. 

20. Telling white lies is okay

It’s good to be straightforward because it helps maintain transparency in relationships. However, there are times when telling white lies is fine. It helps in nurturing a relationship.

I believe in one rule, “you can’t always be black or white because, owing to the circumstances, you have to be gray too!” But just remember not to make it a habit!

21. Give space to your partner

I have friends who constantly nag that I give too much freedom to my husband. Yeah, the same comment follows for my husband too!

But we are two different individuals, born with different values and believe in giving each other space. Of course, we have healthy boundaries for each other. I guess that’s the reason why my husband is my best friend.

22. Have a financial plan in place

Marriage is a coalition of two people, so both partners should have a financial plan in place. My husband and I have divided our monthly expenses and set targets for expenditure.

Due to this, it becomes easy for us to manage expenses, especially the untimely ones. 

23. Life is unpredictable

After my dad’s and my aunt’s demise, I realized life is unpredictable. You never know what lies ahead. At one moment, you are happy, but you never know when disgruntlement will engulf your life. So, it’s best to stay prepared for all circumstances.

24. It’s okay to be imperfect

I always had the notion to “stay perfect.” Over time, I realized that it’s good to be imperfect sometimes. If I cannot bake, it’s okay; I can’t! No one is going to punish me or put me behind bars! Don’t try to prove your skills to anyone. Indulge in things that you like.

25. Change starts with you

We have so much unnecessary wisdom to give to people but do we follow it ourselves? Most of the time, NO!!! Isn’t it better to start this change in our own life?

For example, when you complain to people about an unhealthy lifestyle, are you following it? No, right? It’s best to be tightlipped in giving wisdom and instead practice it!  

26. Success doesn’t come easily

One crucial life lesson I incorporated all these years – “there is no shortcut for hard work.” Success will follow if you slog and give your 100%.

If you sit idle and expect success knocking at your door, then definitely that’s not happening! So, work hard without expectation; success will come barging all the hurdles. 

27. Accept your flaws

Every person is born with flaws, but there is a very rare category of people who accept it. Try to be one of them! Don’t be scared to accept your flaws.

If someone points out your defects, accept them with a big heart. There’s no harm, and you do not lose your dignity. Just that, don’t make it a habit; people might take you for granted. 

28. Don’t get too overconfident with recurring success

It isn’t easy to handle success. Believe me, I have seen people facing a similar situation, and it was difficult for them to switch back to a normal life. 

29. You cannot be successful all the time

Failures are part and parcel of life, and it’s okay to taste them sometimes. I believe failures teach you a lot. Rather they help you stay strong and give you that “never-give-up” attitude.

30. Stay updated

There was a time I knew all the latest updates, but eventually, I started drifting away. But I realized that you must stay updated about your surroundings.

Staying updated doesn’t make you a genius, but it at least helps in taking active participation in discussions.

31. Keep in touch with friends

All these years, one thing that helped me cope with my life is “my most treasured friends.” They laughed, cried, fought, and lost contact, but they were always with me when I needed them the most. A great life lesson – stay in touch with friends, no matter what!

32. Reduce stringent rules

Sometimes, we surround ourselves with rules and believe that they will help us succeed. But that’s not true all the time.

It’s okay to skip gym one day; it’s okay not to get up early morning; it’s okay to skip cooking one day. Give yourself a break from rules; it will not harm you! However, please don’t make it a habit!

33. Capture everything in your camera

If you want to make memories and wish to revisit, the camera should be your best friend. Lately, I started my Instagram page named TheClickJourney and started capturing little moments.

Believe me, at the end of the day, when I visit the page, it gives me immense happiness. I feel good to be surrounded by beautiful things.

34. If you cannot spend much, save on small and thoughtful happiness

After gaining an interest in photography, I was eyeing a professional camera. Obviously, it was out of my budget, so I decided to invest in small things.

I bought Signi Skyvik’s macro lens and Apexel’s telephoto lens. Both in my budget and gives me immense satisfaction!  

35. Age is just a number 

Indeed, a great life lesson. Don’t let age come amid your dreams. Age is just a number, and I released this after reading this article wherein a man at the age of 96 completed his graduation.

So don’t let age come in between your dreams. Find time to fulfilling your dreams. Believe me; it will give you immense happiness!

On a parting note

Those were the life lessons I learned to date! I know some find it cliched and some preachy. But believe me, they helped me sail through my problems. They are not perfect, but they can be saviors sometimes – at least that’s what I think! Do let me know your life lessons in the comments. I will be pleased to get enlightened!

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