How PCOS Affected My Personal Life?

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How PCOS Affected My Personal Life?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is on a rise in India and other countries, blame it on our lifestyle. I have been struggling with PCOS for a very long time, but thanks to my lifestyle changes and obesity management, I could suppress it to an extent. However, it doesn’t end here, because PCOS can literally create chaos in your personal life.

  1. Bid Adieu To Office Commitments

    When one doctor doesn’t give you satisfactory results, we tend to approach other doctors for second opinion. Yes, we have done this too! However, amidst all this, me and my husband literally gave up our office commitments because it would take hours for us to actually consult the doctor. I worked from home, but my husband had to travel almost 30 kms for work. He started getting so lethargic and it took a toll on his health and it was the most painful phase of our life.

  2. Hunting For A Good Radiologist

    When you are suffering from infertility, constant sonographies become a part and parcel of your life. Amongst this procedures, follicle monitoring is a crucial phase because that helps in examining the follicles that leads to ovulation. Usually, when I am at my parent’s place, I prefer going at my radiologist who is also our family friend. However, after marriage I moved to Pune and had to find a new radiologist. I met many and had some funny encounters which I will surely share in my blog. But several times, I literally shuttled between Pune to Talegaon, just for my sonography.

  3. No Parties, Because I have A Diet

    Weight gain is the biggest spoilsport when it comes to PCOS. More often, our friends and family would plan outings, parties and I had to strictly stick to my diet. Even though I had small portions; back of my mind, I was always afraid of the slightest weight gain. My husband literally got pissed with me for not eating, drinking and enjoying. He was so frustrated by the fact that he gets to do all the enjoyment, leaving me behind!

  4. Friends With Meds, Injections And Tests

    In PCOS, you have to be friends with meds, at least I had to! Some meds were so important that I couldn’t miss them, so without fail, I actually carried them everywhere. Not just meds, but on multiple times, I have taken the dosage of HCG injection for ovulation. Most importantly, I am very phobic when it comes to needle and I always prefer injection from my dad and brother. So, these guys always had to be by my side, no matter what! Yet one of our family friend did try giving me an injection and I had swelling for days. But with time, I got accustomed with needles because monitoring thyroid and sugar levels through blood tests was a requisite and lost the track of ‘number of pricks’. Along with me, my husband also had to go through the pain – only he was away from meds. Nevertheless, the most painful phase of my life was, when I had to go for an HSG test and really felt that I should just give up the idea of having kids.

  5. Series Of Miscarriages = Emotional Turmoil

    Till date I have suffered 3 miscarriages which has been the most harrowing experience of my life. My life turned upside down when I suffered the 3rd miscarriage because I had lost immense weight and my PCOS was quite under control. However, after this miscarriage, I realised that PCOS truly can have far-reaching effects. I slipped into depression, had anxiety and felt aimless about my life. This phase affected my personal life the most because there was constant monitoring, mental exhaustion and yes, WEIGHT GAIN! Me and my husband had to go through a series of tests which were mentally fatiguing. For 3-4 months, we didn’t feel like mingling with anyone but luckily we are blessed with amazing friends who helped us to get over the pain. Believe me, whoever has gone through a miscarriage and not given up – I salute them!

PCOS can really thwart your happiness, but always remember – there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, I also enrolled myself into a Facebook Group – PCOS Fertility Support, that helped me abundantly to recover. I felt, I am not alone and got immense positive energy with enlightening stories. Not just this, but my husband has been the strongest support throughout my PCOS journey despite his hectic work schedule. So, don’t lose hope and remember we are all meant to lead a happy life!

Disclaimer: These are my experiences with PCOS, but every woman might come across different symptoms, depending on the intensity.

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