6 Life-changing Tips For A Successful PCOS Treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) has grappled me for a very long time. Recurring miscarriage, sudden weight gain, acne, etc., became a part and parcel of my life. But along the time, I found ways to cope up with it and I realized that I am not alone. One in every ten women, has PCOS and […]

Check Out Some Of The Best Funny Weight Loss Excuses!

So, after a beautiful journey of my weight loss, many of my friends and colleagues got inspired and decided to walk on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Not just this, my father brought about a revolution because he managed to lose almost 20 kgs, thanks to Jeevanrekha therapy and my dear friend Dr Varada. […]

How PCOS Affected My Personal Life?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is on a rise in India and other countries, blame it on our lifestyle. I have been struggling with PCOS for a very long time, but thanks to my lifestyle changes and obesity management, I could suppress it to an extent. However, it doesn’t end here, because PCOS can literally create […]

8 Basic Gym Etiquettes For Healthy Workout Routines!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has become a motto of the masses and that’s definitely a positive sign. And this lifestyle has led in the emergence of many local fitness gyms, local workout gyms and also home gym. However, working out at a gym can be exhilarating but following etiquettes is equally important. I have seen […]