8 Basic Gym Etiquettes For Healthy Workout Routines!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has become a motto of the masses and that’s definitely a positive sign. And this lifestyle has led in the emergence of many local fitness gyms, local workout gyms and also home gym. However, working out at a gym can be exhilarating but following etiquettes is equally important. I have seen come across several veterans and newbies committing some stupid mistake, which has led in polluting the entire atmosphere. So, going by my experiences, I decided to jot down some basic etiquette in this blog post, that one should follow in a gym – be it a newbie or a veteran.

  1. Read Gym Rules

    Every gym – small or big, has a set of rules, please read them carefully. They are displayed on the wall for a reason to have an easy workout regimen. However, in case of confusion, you can always ask the staff to brief you about the know-hows.

  2. Carry A Clean Towel

    This is immensely important because hygiene comes first. Whenever you’re working on a treadmill or undertaking any cardio exercises, you might sweat profusely. And obviously, who likes to use equipments which are enveloped in sweat. So, after finishing any workout, make sure to wipe your sweat and also the sweat on the equipments. This helps in maintaining a clean environment.

  3. Say No To Loud Music

    Well, in my gym we have a centralised music system with Bluetooth connectivity as well as AUX cable. So, a person who comes first and needs music, plugs and plays his/her playlist. However, I might not like your playlist and might not like your loud music too, so why am I bombarded with your playlist? To find a way out, it’s courteous to ask your companions, that whether they want music or not. Or else, have a private musical outing, with your headphones to cherish the workout.

  4. Proper Gym Wear

    I have literally seen ladies coming in the gym in a pair of slippers and sandals. Have you ever imagined what improper footwear can do to you? Additionally, these ladies are literally running on the treadmill without any fear of slipping. In the future, you could face serious leg injuries – sprains, fractures, corns; it could be anything. It’s not this alone, but I have seen ladies wearing saree and doing their workout session. You might be comfortable but what if your saree gets stuck in the machinery or even obstructs your leg movements? You should be aware of the consequences. There is a reason for wearing activewear and that’s to make you comfortable, so don’t let these small mistakes harm you. Most importantly, wash your clothes regularly and don’t just dump them in your bag. They need air and if not, they are going to stink very badly. Try and carry a deodorant too!

  5. Carry A Water Bottle

    Staying hydrated is immensely important, so it’s always good to carry your own water bottle. After every interval, you can sip water, but make sure the lid of the bottle is tightly closed, to avoid unnecessary spillage. Also, avoid keeping bottles on any equipment as it can be a hindrance for others.

  6. Making Arrangements For Kids

    I understand when you are living in a nuclear family, managing kids can be a hurricane task. I have seen women getting their kids along for Zumba and to the gym sessions, and the kids disturb them insanely. Kids want to either follow their mommies or want to throw some tantrum. Moreover, if they have eatables in hand then they are scattered around the place. If you wholeheartedly want to follow a gym regime, you can discuss with your better half and manage your timing wherein he/she can take care of the child. And if every attempt turns futile, then you can get your kid along, occupy him/her with some activity (colouring, reading) to enjoy a stress-free workout session.

  7. Keep Equipments In Place

    Several people, after workout just scatter all the equipments around the place, be it dumbbells or skipping rope. I have seen people tripping over dumbbells and it’s not only unethical but also dangerous leading to serious injuries. Also, if you are not aware of any particular equipment, then do not try them unknowingly, rather ask an instructor or your companion about the details.

  8. Avoid Gossiping

    The most important factor – AVOID TALKING and concentrate on your workout. The other day, I saw two females working out on a treadmill and continuously gossiping for 20 minutes. By the end of their workout, they were out of breath and also had to leave the workout midway. Concentration plays a crucial role while gymming and talking, gossiping can deflect you easily. So, whatever you want to discuss, you can do it after your workout. I would rather suggest, avoid talking on the cellphones too, because the more you will concentrate, the more it will be beneficial for your body. Also, don’t peep into someone else’s workout, just concentrate on yours!

Well, I am no gym expert, but these are the experiences I have faced in my real life and so thought of coming up with a solution. However, if there is something you want to add to this list, then do comment below!

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