Diwali Tips for Memorable Celebrations

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Diwali Tips for Memorable Celebrations

Diwali – the festival of light is right around the corner. And it is celebrated with great aplomb and glitterati as it brings in positivity and hope. Moreover, Diwali binds families together and pampers every individual with loads of happiness. Amidst this, many cannot enjoy Diwali to the fullest. So, here are some simple Diwali tips for the ones who wish to enjoy and cherish these memories forever!

1.       Say ‘no’ to gadgets

Mobile addiction is so prominent in today’s times. No person stays away from mobile phones. And that’s the reason why these people stay away from celebrations. They are so engrossed in posting selfies, videos, and games that they miss out on some amazing memories. So, one of the most important Diwali tips is that stay away from gadgets. And you will witness the immense happiness you give to your family.

2.       Don’t stop your fitness regime

If you are fit and fine, only then you will be able to celebrate Diwali in full swing. So, don’t stop exercising. Do not change your fitness regime. Instead, enjoy the climate of Diwali with a nice morning walk or by sweating out in the gym. Alongside, follow a healthy diet and stay fit. With this, you will be able to munch on some extra delicacies prepared by your family.

3.       Gift your loved ones

Diwali gifts are a great way to express love and gratitude. So, surprise your loved ones with a box of dry fruits, aroma candles or even fitness gadgets. But if you are gifting your parents or elderlies then gift something healthy. If they do not have health insurance then gift them a policy. Also, you may gift them a full body checkup. Alongside, Diwali cleaning can become tiring for many. In such situations, one of the best Diwali tips for gifting is – a spa voucher. With this, they will forget the stress and cherish the utmost relaxation.

4.       Eat healthily

Diwali is equal to loads of delicacies and calories. Also, Diwali is full of running around from pillar to post. Amidst this, indulging in street food, aerated drinks, and junk food becomes irresistible. But try to stay away from them. Although, you are pampering yourself with delicious foods, remember to stay hydrated. Drinks lots and lots of water to wear off tiredness. Moreover, surprise your family members by cooking lip-smacking delicacies at home. You may also gift these delicacies to your loved ones!

5.       Be creative

This Diwali, try and explore your creative side. Thanks to YouTube, we can make anything and everything at home. So, try and make lanterns at home. Also, embellish your homes by decorating every corner with your own hands. Activities like painting the lamps, making rangoli, flower decoration, fairy lights, will give you immense happiness. You may also opt for eco-friendly diyas which can be made at home.

6.       Take care of your pets

Diwali is a good time for us but a very bad time for the pets. Pets are badly affected by the smoke and noise of Diwali. Here is one of the greatest Diwali tips for your pets – let them stay indoors. If there are too many firecrackers in your neighborhood. Then move your pet to your relative’s house where there is less noise. Also, you can buy hearing protection aids to help them battle with unnecessary noises. So, along with you, your pets will also enjoy a better and safer Diwali.

7.       Choose ‘eco-friendly’ crackers

Crackers harm the environment. They affect people and animals causing serious health issues. So, opt for eco-friendly crackers. These crackers have 30% fewer emissions and are available at cheaper rates. Moreover, while bursting crackers wear comfortable clothing especially cotton to avoid mishaps.

8.       Spend maximum time with your family

Diwali is the perfect time for family get-togethers. So, one amazing Diwali tip would be – be with your family. Spend days cooking delicacies, playing cards, singing, and dancing to carve blissful memories. With this, you will realize that you in the best phase ever!

So, these are some of the Diwali tips that are important to have a healthy and safe Diwali. So, enjoy your Diwali with your loved ones. And let the festival of lights bestow new beginnings and good health. Also, if you think I missed out on something in Diwali tips, then feel free to comment below!

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