Check Out Best Website For Indian Recipes

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Check Out Best Website For Indian Recipes

I am sure everyone will agree that Indians are big-time foodies. After a family, career, food is something that every person adores. Moreover, along with eating, every person is also fond of cooking. But not all can cook and that’s when the best website for Indian recipes come to rescue. This website for recipes is a boon if you are an amateur. Limited ingredients and simple recipes make them an all-time favorite. So, hereby I am listing a few of my favorite as well as the best website for Indian recipes. I not only follow them but have experimented with them to churn out some amazing recipes.

Are you looking for quick and easy recipes? Then you must check out this best website for Indian recipes. Started by Mrs. Hebbar, this website is meant for vegetarians. However, the short videos i.e. 2-min videos are a breather for quick cooking. If not video, then you can also browse through the step by step recipes straight from the kitchen. Interestingly, the recipes on this website are filtered by difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. Also, you can explore an array of recipes, right from breakfast to beverages, salad to appetizers, lunch and dinner. Limited ingredients, no boring commentary, and quick video make this – the best website for Indian recipes.

Recipes to explore: Desserts and rice variety.

So, this website for recipes is run by Madhura Bachal who is also the sole creator. Though born and brought up in Pune, her experimentation in cooking started when she moved to the United States of America. Her YouTube Channel always tops my list because she shares some amazing recipes. Be it Maharashtrian, South India, Punjabi, Italian, she has everything under one platform. Most importantly, while exhibiting the recipes, her expression and enthusiasm are worth a watch. Sometimes, the way she narrates the aroma, taste, I start feeling that I am present right there, in her kitchen. And that’s the reason why I considered it as the best website for Indian recipes. Moreover, her YouTube channel is available in Marathi as well as in English.

Recipes to explore: Maharashtrian food especially non-vegetarian.

So, this amazing website is handled by Dassana and her husband Amit. As the name suggests, this best website for Indian recipes is meant only for vegetarians. But believe me, once you start exploring, I am sure you’ll fall in love with cooking. Most importantly, this website displays step-by-step photos of the entire recipe making it extremely easy to execute. Alongside, you get a chance to explore some tips and notes while trying out the recipes. All-in-all, this is one amazing package you shouldn’t miss at all!

Recipes to explore: South Indian recipes.

Cooking Shooking is yet another best website for Indian recipes. This website was started by Yaman Agarwal who discovered his passion for cooking at the tender age of 12. And after that, there was no looking back. Today, he makes some scrumptious dishes that are a treat to watch. His videos are equipped with amazing tips and insightful instructions. I always try out his recipes that add to a happy meal experience.

Recipes to explore: Desserts

Home cooking is truly the best website for Indian recipes. The owner Hema Subramanian simply cooks some amazing recipes. Her instructions, background music, video quality is top-notch and steps are very easy to follow. You may choose to follow the video or can also read the detailed instructions mentioned below the video. Moreover, she has also published a book which is available on Amazon.

Recipes to explore: Various types of Biryani and clay pot recipes.

Kabita is again a cooking enthusiast who pampers you with some amazing recipes. Her ingredients are minimal but sometimes her videos become a bit lengthy. At times, the sound quality might not be up to the mark but her recipes mask all these hurdles. Most importantly, she narrates all her recipes in Hindi so it might be a problem for people who don’t understand the language. But don’t worry because she mentions the ingredients and steps in English on her YouTube videos. Alongside, these lengthy videos make it possible to understand every step precisely.

Recipes to explore: Rice variety and non-vegetarian recipes.

So, these are some of my favorite and best website for Indian recipes. But other than these, I also follow Nisha Madhulika, Manjula’s Kitchen, Tarla Dalal, and Archana’s Kitchen. I am sure even you must have followed some of this best website for Indian recipes. If not, then which one do you follow? We will be happy to know more about websites other than the ones mentioned above. So, do comment below!

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