Listing 10 Ways to Help the Environment from Home

Listing 10 Ways to Help the Environment from Home

June 5th is commemorated as World Environment Day. I believe that every day should be Environment Day because that is the need of the hour. Today, we are grappled with a myriad of environmental issues like pollution, depletion of natural resources, the rise of ailments, climatic changes, and so much more. The media constantly emphasizes how humans are wrecking the planet. But we can still hope for the best!

If we have made it worse, we can make it right with our small efforts. Therefore, I am listing few ways to help the environment from home.

Small ways to help the environment at home

1. Save water

The water crisis in India is escalating day by day. Many villages continue to face scarcity. People walk miles to fetch drinking water. In such circumstances, a small effort from our side can make a difference. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Limit your water usage when washing clothes, utensils, and taking a shower. Such small steps will bring about a huge change.

2. Save fuel

Vehicle pollution is the biggest contributor to global warming. Therefore, to maintain the equilibrium, there are few ways to help the environment from home. If you are visiting a store to buy minimum groceries, avoid a car or bike. Choose a bicycle, public transport, or walk. For longer distances especially going to the office, opt for carpooling. There are many apps for carpooling that pledge to save the environment.  

Additionally, opt for online shopping. It will reduce your trips for offline shopping, eventually saving on fuel.

3. Avoid food wastage

When it comes to Global Hunger Index, India comes under the ‘serious’ category. Besides, food wastage has become a problem, and it is also becoming an environmental hazard. It heavily emits greenhouse gases, and discarded food often heads to landfills. In the landfills, it starts rotting further producing methane. It affects both the environment and humans alike.

Therefore, it advisable to avoid wasting food. Besides, you have excess food from parties, restaurants, weddings, or celebrations, then many organizations collect food and distribute it among the needy.

4. Segregate your waste

Nowadays, the local government body distributes two bins for house garbage. Wondering why? It is for the segregation of waste. One bin is to collect wet waste, comprising kitchen waste like fruit or vegetable peels, tea powder, eggshells, and flowers. Wood, paper, plastic bottles, metals, or glass comes under dry waste. If there is no segregation, it negatively impacts the environment leading to water pollution, soil pollution, health hazards, and so much more.

Start segregating your waste from this very moment. If you don’t get two different bins from the local body, buy them. That’s the best way to help the environment from home.

Listing 10 Ways to Help the Environment from Home

5. Solar energy

For years, my mother is using a solar water heater for our home and hospital. I have a friend who cooks food in a solar cooker. No doubt, installing solar panels or buying solar appliances comes with a price. They are efficient only in bright sunlight. Yet, it is a free source of energy. It saves the environment and our financial burden by lowering the consumption of fossil fuels. 

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6. Do not litter

Do not throw away garbage in the middle of the road. Look out for garbage bins for disposal. I always collect wrappers, waste in my bag, and discard them once I am home or in the nearby garbage bins. If you see someone littering, ask them politely to refrain from such activities. If people have already littered, collect, and discard it off in a nearby bin. When you go for a walk in your society, carry a bag to collect waste. The feeling of contributing to the betterment of the environment is simply mesmerizing. Try it!

7. Recycle and re-use

To reduce the amount of waste, primarily stop buying unnecessary stuff. And if you do, learn to recycle them. We have so many plastic bottles at home. Instead of discarding them, recycle them into beautiful home décor. The same mantra applies to glass bottles. Instead of using plastic bags for storing vegetables in a refrigerator, choose cotton bags. For hassle-free vegetable shopping, there is a variety of cotton bags with compartments.

Reusing and recycling save the environment enormously as it reduces waste. So, think twice before buying and discarding anything.

8. Gather information

The entire day we are glued to our laptop screen or mobile phones. We are fortunate to have all information at our fingertips. Utilize that time and research about the changing environment. Be aware of healthy environmental practices that can make a difference. I believe this is the best way to help the environment from home. Stay informed and implement them in your residential area.

9. Utilize natural ventilation

Did you know that natural ventilation can reduce the transmission of infection in healthcare settings? Natural ventilation is also a prerequisite for patients who are under home quarantine. The natural sunlight that enters your home brings immense positivity. Opening multiple windows treat you with mesmerizing cross-breeze during summers. With this, you can curb the usage of air conditioners, maintaining the well-being of the environment, and easing your pocket. Truly the best ways to help the environment from home.

10. Donate to the right organizations

With these tips, we are contributing every bit to the environment. But some organizations are working on a large and global scale for the betterment of Mother Nature. They are constantly looking for aid. You can help by donating to their cause. Browse through their websites and see which project needs attention. You can also become a monthly donor and help for the welfare of the environment.

On a parting note

“Actions speak louder than words,” – isn’t it true? It’s time for us to pack some action and help our environment. If you wish to celebrate World Environment Day, follow these simple ways to help the environment from home. I am not an expert, but I acknowledge the fact, that we can all come together and save Earth. Let’s join hands for this noble cause and safeguard nature. Besides, if you think you can add some more tips to this list, feel free to comment!

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