Lockdown Situation: List of 8 Interesting Things to Do While at Home

Lockdown Situation: List of 8 Interesting Things to Do While at Home

Today the entire world is facing one of the worst outbreaks – coronavirus or COVID-19. This deadly outbreak has forced every person to stay indoors. To battle this situation, a global lockdown seems to have become an apt resolution. Even in India, Junta Curfew was announced so that people avoid social places. Interestingly, it received an extremely positive response. However, people who are accustomed to social life find such a scenario very boring. Not stepping out of the home is something they cannot digest. And so, we have compiled a list of things to do while at home for such masses. We assure that these activities will keep you entertained and keep boredom at bay. 

Yes, workaholics, we know you are busy working from home on weekdays, so please practice these tips on weekends. 

1. Declutter your wardrobe

Yes, we have many storage spaces that need the utmost attention. Blame it on our work commitments, we ignore this mess. So, just utilize this time and start decluttering your wardrobe or storage spaces. Throw away things that are of least priority. Organize and note down things that you need. If you are living with your family, then ask for their help and get the job done!

2. Communicate with your dear ones

When a person spends too much time on work, then there are chances of his/her personal life getting affected. They don’t realize it, but it also affects their efficiency and productivity. So, one of the most crucial things to do while at home is to catch up with your loved ones. There are times when we forget to ask about their health and well-being. So, grab this opportunity to spend time with them. Indulge in indoor activities like games, karaoke night, gossiping, etc. 

If your parents or loved ones are staying away and practicing social distancing. Then remember they are just a call away. You never know, your call could give them company and strength to battle the situation. 

3. Try new recipes

Every person has cravings. So, in such a lockdown situation, one of the best things to do while at home is to try hands-on cooking. If you know the basic cooking tricks, then you must try new recipes with the ingredients available at hand. Most importantly, if it turns out great, then just imagine the happiness to relish a delicacy sitting at home. Moreover, once the outbreak is over, you might not visit a restaurant and cook everything at home; receiving accolades from friends and family.   

4. Read a book

If you are an avid reader, then this is the time to tick all the books on your checklist. This bustling life demotivates us from indulging into things that we love the most. But take advantage of this lockdown and catch up on some interesting reads. Moreover, if you are unable to buy a paper copy then online books are the preferred choice. There are so many online stores like AmazonBookswagon who boast an amazing collection. 

5. Enjoy movie time

Who doesn’t like a nice movie date? But in a lockdown situation, this is next to impossible. So, the best thing to do while at home is – movie binge-watching. If you haven’t subscribed to online streaming websites then do it now to catch up some amazing set of web series and movies. And complement this whole experience with a bowl of popcorn. And believe me, after this lockdown ends, you won’t need a movie theatre!

6. Stay fit

Now that all gyms are closed, yet stick to your fitness regime. You might not get all the equipment but the basic exercise regime is a must. Several Bollywood and Marathi actors have come forward and shared their workout plans while in self-isolation. Along with this, you may also browse through various YouTube videos that boast step-by-step tutorials. Then be it Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba and much more. So, just put on your favorite music and get on to your fitness mood. 

 7. DIY – Do it yourself 

This is the time to explore your creative side. So, while decluttering your storage space and wardrobe if you find belongings that can be recycled then – keep them! For hacks, kitchen ideas, arts, and crafts you may explore 5-minute craftsArtkala, and several others. Such creative things to do while at home will brighten up each passing day.

8. Catch some sound sleep

Hectic work hours force us to sacrifice sound sleep. So, this is the time to utilize the time. Now that you are working from home which is cutting down your commute time. Then catch on a nice eight hours sleep. Besides, a night of good sleep will build your immunity. And owing to the current pandemic, it is necessary to have a good immune system. So, one key thing to do while at home is to catch up sound sleep!

Closing Thoughts

I so wanted to add social media to this list. But every person is anyways going to be glued to their social media handles. Besides, these are some of the activities I have been practicing to make my stay productive. Is there something that you want to add to this list? Then feel free to comment below! But please peeps, do not step out of the house; unless it is very necessary. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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