Tips To Work From Home In COVID-19 Outbreak

Tips To Work From Home In COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has left the entire world grief-stricken. Amidst this, to take extra precautions many businesses have urged their employees to opt for ‘work from home’. But employees who are habituated to working in office premises, find it extremely difficult. Though ‘work from home’ is an economic option, yet workaholics find it unproductive. So, now that you are stuck indoors and have no option then why not make it productive and interesting. And for that, you must read these simple tips.

1. Have a dedicated space

Before starting your ‘work from home’ phase, choose a space that will be your workplace. If you don’t have a room, then you can set up your space on a dining table. Just that it should look like a workplace. Most importantly, things that you need at the workplace – keep them handy. However, if you have a spare room, then invest in a desk, chair, desktop, phone line, so that you get comfortable with the atmosphere. Additionally, try and put up inspirational posters so that you get the knack for working.

Above all, avoid working on the sofa or a bean bag. Then get ready to welcome slack and laziness.

2. Take intervals but short ones

The best part of working from home is that you get flexible working hours. So, there are chances of taking more intervals than usual. That’s why it’s best to invest more time in work, and lesser time on other tasks like lunch, tea break, walk, etc. If you are going to work for 12 hours then divide your time into blocks like a 3-hour block. In this, spare at least 3 hours on a stretch for completing office tasks. And if you have any personal priorities then have them covered after the office hours block.

Once your usual time block is over, then make sure that you take a small walk to maintain the energy.

3. Design a to-do list

While working from home, you tend to get lazy and ignore your daily tasks. So, it’s best to design a to-do list in which you jot down your daily goals. With a checklist, you will be able to map your progress in a better way. And your precious time will be saved for good!

4. Manage distractions

Distractions are part and parcel of life. You must have seen the latest video of a BBC reporter where his kid walked in unknowingly. Though the video looks funny and has gone viral but such distractions are a big no-no. Besides, if you are working online then distractions are the biggest hurdle. And who knows better than me?

I am a freelance content writer and I constantly work online. So, I very well know about various internet distractions. Social media, Netflix, Amazon Prime, online games, are the biggest antagonists while working from home. So, minimize such distractions and concentrate on your goals. Keep your phone aside and use it only when you take a break.

5. Stay constantly in touch with colleagues

A ‘people person’ always likes to be surrounded by people. Moreover, the study highlights that having a friend at work helps boost performance. Visiting friends on their desks, discussing work-related problems, greeting colleagues is something one misses out when it is work from home. However, technology will not let you take your social and work life away. Because several apps help you while working remotely. Google Hangouts, Slack, Zoom are some of the meeting tools that will give you a feel of a workplace.

6. Stick to your regime no matter what

These apps will give you the feel of working but it cannot replace the face-to-face interactions. It might make you sad or give a feeling of out of the place. But you are well aware of the virus outbreak, so it’s best to accept your daily regime and follow it wholeheartedly. The best part is that all your colleagues are working remotely. So, you aren’t the one who is left out. So, let go of the inhibitions and enjoy the phase.

Closing Thoughts

Working from home is all being disciplined and following the regime religiously. It takes time to brace but if you follow these tips, then it will become much easier to cope. Amidst this, the secret mantra is to balance your professional and personal life. And most importantly it is best to stay safe to battle COVID-19.

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