Avatar: The Way of Water – High on Visuals but Low on Story Front

Avatar The Way of Water - Review

I love movies. After three long years, I was so excited to step into the movie theatre, and undoubtedly Avatar: The Way of Water had to be the ultimate choice. I must have watched Avatar (part one) more than 20 times, so I was ready to go to any lengths to watch the second part. I booked the last show, i.e., 11:45 pm, and traveled to Chinchwad for the movie. But I must admit, all my expectations came crumbling down. 

The Storyline of Avatar: The Way of Water– No spoilers ahead

The movie starts after a decade after the last events. Jake Sully is now the chief of the Omaticaya. He and Neytiri have a beautiful family, which includes two sons, Neteyam and Lo’ak, a daughter Tuk and an adoptive daughter Kiri. He also adopts a human boy named Spider.

I am sure people must have realized that Colonel Miles Quaritch is back, and the team starts intruding on Na’vi’s land again. Being threatened by his presence, Jake and his family relocate to the Metkayina clan at Pandora’s eastern seaboard. 

The family learns more about the reef people, headed by Tonowari, and his wife, Ronal. In the meantime, Spider is held hostage by Quaritch, who believes that Spider might be able to lead him to Jake and his family. During the course, Quaritch tracks them down, and then the battle ensues.

Why does The Film Disappoint?

The film starts on a very high note with astonishing visuals. The detailing of each frame of CGI, not only from the start but till the end, is a treat to the eyes. I kept waiting; now there would be something, now there would be some stir, but the movie started becoming boring. Till the intermission, I was bored because the story somewhere I felt lacked essence. The slow pace is also to be blamed,

The last movie had so many new elements blending with a gripping back story, which added to the excitement. But in Avatar: The Way of Water – the story is lackluster. I feel there is too much time spent on character development, which at one point, adds to boredom. Plus, the length of the movie is a significant disappointment. 

Where the film wins hearts? 

It was good to see the Hallelujah Mountains after so long. The correlation between the last movie and Avatar: The Way of Water is nostalgic. However, I liked the portrayal of human intrusion into wildlife, leading to global warming, especially the hunting of aquatic life. Every destruction of nature will surely give you goosebumps. 

Besides, you will witness some new species of animals, specifically aquatic animals. The relationship with these animals is surreal and beautiful to watch onscreen. The relationship between humans and nature is beautiful depicted. Apart from all this, the film’s highlight is the climax sequence. It keeps you gripping visuals with some unusual twists and turns. 

My Rating

I will give this movie ⭐ ⭐ ⭐/5. Three stars are only for the top-notch visuals and the technology used. CGI, VFX, and motion capture technology are just outstanding. Besides, the acting of all the characters is superb. However, the story lacks pace, which was a major turn-off. Besides, the length was also a downer. 

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