Mother’s Day 2022: How to Make Your Mom Feel Special

Mother's Day 2022 - Amazing Celebration Ideas To Make Your Mom Happy

May 8 is all about celebrating Mother’s Day. Seriously, our mothers have done so much for us that one day is not enough to mark their sacrifices. When this day is around the corner, many started wondering about how to plan it.

No wonder I am also one of them! Thanks to lifting all the COVID bans, we have so much more to pamper our beloved mothers.

Therefore, I decided why not come up with Mother’s Day celebration ideas to help my fellow friends. I will incorporate one of them; why don’t you try too?

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

1. Book a spa session

You employ maids by their side, ask them to chill and leave them, yet these mothers will continue to run around the house giving instructions to the house helps.

Due to all this, they get stressed mentally and physically, which they do not acknowledge. If you think you have the same sob story, I will insist on booking a spa session for your mom. 

If she is unwilling to step out, call the experts at home. I heard Urban Company has good packages. Not promoting them, but I heard good reviews. If all this doesn’t work, go for a SPA KIT and do everything at home. The objective is her relaxation – do it anywhere!

2. Go for a makeover session

Though they are very particular about their skin and hair (my mom definitely is), there are times when they hardly get a chance to look at themselves. That’s when you must step in and plan for her makeover session.

Take her to a plush salon where she has never been, let her choose a nice haircut, recreate one of the best makeup looks she craves, and tadaaaaa keep gazing at her happiness.

I am sure you will feel so relieved just looking at her. Furthermore, end her session with a nice photography session. Get her portfolio done and if she is too shy – take the photos yourself on camera. Just pamper her and make her feel special.

3. Plan a dinner or lunch date at home

Most of our mommies are in their 60s, and eating outside food is not advisable. Besides, if they are extra cautious, they won’t even think of grabbing a meal at a restaurant. So, the best thing to do is cook for her.

Accrue all your culinary skills and showcase them to the world by cooking for your mom. In the meantime, if you are bad at cooking, you can always take the help of YouTube channels.

But whatever you cook, add in the flavour of your love and care. I am sure even if it doesn’t taste good, your mom will acknowledge your efforts and dedication. If you get a nice warm hug and a peck on the cheek – that’s a victory and a memorable moment to cherish all your life.

4. Plan a movie date

My mom gets a bit restless when we visit a movie theatre because she can’t sit for long hours. But if your mommy is a movie fanatic, I would insist on making this stupendous plan.

To enhance the experience, choose the reclining chair screens; she will get utmost comfort. On top of all this, if she is not ready to step out, then have the set up done at home. 

Watch her favourite movies on Amazon Prime or any other streaming platform. You can either stream it on your TV from mobile using Chromecast else have a projector set up in her room.

She can cuddle in her bed, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a movie marathon. I am sure you will get loads of blessings for thinking of her comfort zone.

5. Buy plants for her

Plants definitely impact your body, and studies have proved this theory. Therefore, drive her to a beautiful nursery and go plant-shopping.

There are so many indoor and outdoor plants that adorn your homes and your mood as well. Don’t just buy the plants; help her with gardening too!

Clean the weeds, water the plants, and tease her by sprinkling some water in between. I am sure it will lift her mood, and when the saplings bloom, she will reminisce all the beautiful moments!

6. Plan a staycation

I am sure all mommies cannot stay away from their homes for long. Therefore, give them a short break and plan a beautiful staycation in the lap of nature.

The summers are unbearable, so you should choose a relatively cool location, close to nature, and will give her some “feel-good” vibes. Request the chef to cook something special for her; I am sure she will love the surprise.

7. Help her pursue her hobby

Due to the daily household chores, our mothers have left behind many of their likes. Why not give them a chance to pursue their interests?

So, know all about her favourite hobbies and enroll her in an online class. With this, she will get time off from the daily household errands and a chance to chase her liking.  

Alongside this, enroll her in some physical activity like Yoga because it will help balance her mental health too!

Pro Tip: Many moms love reading, but they don’t get time to read. For them, you can gift an audiobook subscription. There are many platforms like StoryTel, which have an assortment of interesting books (not promotion but heard good reviews).

8. Spend time talking to her

Indeed, it is one of the best gifts for Mother’s Day, believe me! We live a fast-paced life and we hardly spare time for our parents. Our weekends are booked with spending time with friends and spouses or running errands.

They need a listening ear and be that! Spend a day talking to them about their childhood. Grab all the old photo albums, browse through them and ask about their favourite memory.

Comfort them when they get emotional and convey that they are not alone. I am sure every mother will love this gift to the core. There is no better gift than sparing our time for them!

Closing Thoughts

I am sure you got an idea about how to celebrate Mother’s Day. Do let me know which one did you choose and how it went! Most importantly, don’t forget to convey her reactions; I will be waiting for your response!

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