9 Things You Must Carry In Your Bag This Summer!

9 Things You Must Carry In Your Bag This Summer!

This year, summers seem to be unbearable. Just the other day, I stepped out of my house, forgot few essentials and result – I got badly tanned! Moreover, I also got milia around my eyes and my dermatologist concluded that it happened due to scorching heat. So, don’t overlook the effects of summers and following are the things you must carry in your bag this summer.

Full-Hand Gloves

Now-a-days, you get sun protective full hand gloves for men as well as for women. These gloves are a breather not only while riding a bike, but also if you are on foot.


I just can raise my head high in this scorching heat without sunglasses. Moreover, I can’t even stare at the road signals without sunglasses. I am sure, every person goes through this pain! Sunglasses complement your stylish look, but they are amazingly handy in summers. They are definitely fashionable yet superb safety guard during summer, and so they are one of the most important things you must carry in your bag this summer.

Sunscreen Lotion

There are abundant sunscreen lotions now available in India that have been successfully serving their purpose. However, while choosing your lotion, make sure it offers more than 30 SPF protection because that helps in better protection. Sunscreen will protect you not only from tan, but also from sunburns. Always remember these lotions is amongst the most pivotal things you must carry in your bag this summer.

Bottle Of Water

It’s very important to stay hydrated in summers and to do so, you must carry a water bottle no matter. I know a bottle might not cope up with the rising mercury resulting in hot water. But you can opt for clay bottle, so that the water remains cool! Staying hydrated should be your aim and water bottles are one such things you must carry in your bag this summer.

Scarf And Caps

Yes, scarves do make a style statement but, in the summers, they are a relief to beat the heat. Just cover your head with a scarf or a cap while walking and riding, so that your scalp remains cool. You can cover your face too with your scarf, to avoid getting tanned.

Energy Drinks

The other day at work, my colleague had just come back while paying a visit to her bank. After some time, she started feeling giddy and was about to collapse. Summers can do this to you wherein it absorbs glucose from your body. And to overcome this, keep a bottle of energy drink handy. This drink can be glucon-d or homemade energy drinks that will give you instant energy.

Spare Clothes

While I got out in the summers, I completely get drenched in sweat and I hate the sticky feeling. But I found a way – I carry a pair of spare clothes. Taking a shower is not possible in every place, but we can surely change our clothes in the changing rooms. Also, make sure your clothes are summer friendly because this is one of the most essential things you must carry in your bag this summer.


Several people don’t admit the fact that they do stink when they sweat and it’s unbearable to be around. So, people who sweat more and stink, don’t forget to spray deodorants and perfumes along. Rather, it’s a good habit to carry them in your bag. It is a blessing not just for you, but also for your co-partner.

Wet Wipes Or Handkerchief

We sweat, skin tends to get oily and dirt and germs might cling to your skin. To avoid such hazards, just carry a pack of wet wipes or handkerchief. Moreover, some of the wipes have beautiful fragrance, are moist and are cool which helps in keeping your skin cool, fresh and blemish-free. So, this is one of the most important things you must carry in your bag this summer.

Over to you..

Well, these products sum up my list of things one must carry in his/her bag this summer. If you think, some essentials are missing, then feel free to comment below with your inputs.

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