8 Earnest Life Lessons Learned From My Mom!

8 Earnest Life Lessons Learned From My Mom!

Moms are one of the best and ideally the first teacher of your life. As you grow up, she prepares you for the competitive world that is ready to tear you apart. Me and brother also encountered several ups and downs in our personal and professional life. But we overcame them with finesse, thanks to the amazing life lessons learned from my mom.

  1. Live In The Present

    Whenever I discuss my future plans with my mom, she is always curious about my present. She always points out that live in your present, capture these moments and don’t let them go! Ya, she obviously says that you must plan a bright future, but don’t think much of entities that don’t exist. Have a fun-filled life because if you miss this, it’s not coming back ever!

  2. Be Satisfied With Your Life

    My mom repeatedly narrates that when she newly moved to Talegaon, we lived in a very small house that used to be overcrowded with guests. My father earned Rs. 800-1000 and by the middle of the month, everything was over! They literally had to allocate cash for buying vegetables and ration. Yet, they were happy! She always specifies that don’t run behind riches, rather let it freely flow. Money is important, but don’t take stress and ruin your life.

  3. Don’t Let Failure Bother You

    My parents in their initial days have gone through perilous times. My father was posted in Pune and my mom was staying with my grandparents in Shahada. Furthermore, when she moved to Pune, they had to adjust in a very small room with limited ration. During all these times, they faced several financial and personal crisis, but they never let go their positive attitude towards life. Today, my father is a HOD of medicine department, runs 2 hospitals and undertakes several other social activities. And all this was possible because my mom helped him overcome failure in the best possible way. In fact, when I was struggling with PCOS, the life lessons learned from my mom helped me abundantly to recover.

  4. Educate Yourself To Be Independent

    My mother graduated from Wadia College, Pune but she had to face a lot of hindrances, thanks to my maternal uncles. My uncles were not ready to pay her fees and thus her education had to be prolonged. Thus, to avoid this situation, she always encouraged us to complete education to become independent. I changed my education stream, opted for varied courses, but she never discouraged me. But she always emphasized that don’t let your knowledge wither at any time.

  5. Budget Constraints

    As I mentioned above, our family was not well-off in the initial days owing to my father’s meagre salary and never-ending guest list. Eventually, his hard work paid off and we came up with our own hospital. But managing a household, our fees, managing hospital and staff were a hurricane task. Amidst that, my mom balanced financial stats beautifully. Whenever we asked for anything, she always refused, so that we don’t take our financial condition for granted. I nagged, but today I realise that the most crucial life lessons learned from my mom is – adjustment. And this life lesson is a secret to a happy married life.

  6. There’s No Escapism For Hard Work

    My husband and my father are complete workaholics and so they are absent from the family scene several times. I even complain to my mom about this but she always remarks, that there is no alternative for hard work. If you work now, you will have a bright future. She points out that if my father can work in his late 60s, then my husband should definitely work harder than him! However, she also emphasizes that along with hard work one should strike a balance between his/her personal as well as professional duties.

  7. Believe In Inner Beauty

    When I was a kid, I always insisted on buying various fairness creams but my mom always told me to accept myself the way I am! Yes, she will ask me to undertake some beauty therapies, but only to keep my skin healthy and rejuvenated. She always asserts that, “beauty lies in your inner self when it is complemented with virtues and good manners. Your beauty doesn’t depend on your skin tone, rather the principles you follow!” And till today, I thoroughly follow these life lessons learned from my mom.

  8. Stick To Your Words, When Right

    My mom wears her heart on her sleeves. She is doesn’t believe in backbiting and is immensely outspoken when something is not right. So, while growing up, she strictly told us to stand our ground, if we are confident that we done the right thing! Moreover, she also told us that if we are proved wrong, then we shouldn’t be ashamed to plead guilty no matter what! Because of this life lesson from mom helped me abundantly to judge people’s intentions and act accordingly!

I just want to thank my mother, amply for imparting such amazing life lessons. I know we do have our share of differences – blame it on the age gap. But whatever we are today, credit goes to the life lessons learned from my mom.

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