6 Intriguing Life Lessons ‘Tamasha’ Taught Us!

6 Intriguing Life Lessons ‘Tamasha’ Taught Us!

I am a die-hard fan of Bollywood and so I avoid missing out any good film. One such film that is etched in my memory is Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Also, I am a die-hard fan of Ranbir, so missing out this film was out of question. When the screening started, the first half was relatively confusing, but slowly it started unfolding. And I must admit that the life lessons Tamasha taught us are literally thought-provoking. I literally binge watch this movie on Hotstar.

  1. Don’t Let Go The Child In You

    We all have a child within us, but with our hectic schedule, we kill that child. We become sophisticated to blend into the corporate world and matured to please our parents. But what if I still like blabbering, talking non-stop, playing with my favourite toys, etc. Is it a crime? Rather, it shouldn’t be. If having fun is childish then let it be! It’s giving me happiness, is what matters the most.

  2. Life Is Not A Race

    You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know we live in a society who questions, burdens us with expectations and to succeed we rely on numbers. But life is not these numbers, rather one should live on his/her terms. One crucial life lessons Tamasha taught us is that, don’t be robotic. Don’t force yourself to a lifestyle that might give you financial growth but not contentment. Don’t choose a life that is greeting you with top positions in your professional life, but in return is giving you unhappiness.

  3. Chase Your Dreams

    Eleanor Roosevelt has beautifully said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Ask yourself – is this the life I really want? Today, being a doctor, an engineer has become a prestigious issue, but you have to set your own goals. I come from a family of doctors and everyone wanted me to become one. However, I had decided to do something different and hence chose to go for Arts and then pursued a career in journalism. I followed my dreams and today I am more than happy. This is one of the best and beautiful life lessons Tamasha taught us that –  follow what you like instead of anyone forcing you! Try and bring out the Z factor in you!

  4. Strike A Balance Between Personal And Professional Life

    When Ranbir breaks up with Deepika, he can’t digest the fact and that greatly affects his performance. As an individual, you have to remember that there’s a thin line between professional and personal life. Love is not a crime, but to survive and to chase your dreams you have to keep up with your professional life. Striking a balance in both lies your real ability.

  5. Parents, Let Children Follow Their Dreams

    I am completely aware that every parent has dreams and expectations for their kids, but every child is different. Every child has a liking and as a parent, you should support him to the fullest. As I mentioned above, I never wanted to be a doctor, but my parents were extremely supportive. They supported me throughout my career choices. I gave up my career as a software engineer to pursue journalism, but that didn’t stop them from supporting. So, parents, this is a very important life lessons Tamasha taught us – let your child live on his/her terms.

  6. Listen To Your Partner

    Apart from giving and taking love, a partner plays a vital role in sharing your sorrows too. Several times, when we are in a state of limbo, our partner can come up with some amazing solution. Listen to your partner, share your sorrows, strike communication and you will never feel alone.

These are some of the most exhilarating life lessons Tamasha taught me and I try and implement that in my life. Well, this is my perception of the movie, so I would like to know yours too! Let me know in the comments.

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