Are You Looking For A Joint Gift For Parents?

Are you looking for a joint gift for your parents?

My father has a range of neckties, cufflinks and pens and my mom has abundant clothes, cutlery and accessories. In such situation, a joint gift for parents comes handy but churning out ideas is extremely cumbersome. So, a little research on internet, pinch of creativity help from brother and husband has helped me to come up with some amazing and unique ideas to gift both the parents.

  • Saregama Carvaan

    Both my parents are a die-hard music-lover, especially all old Hindi songs and of Ameen Sayani. So, Saregama Carvaan proved to be a boon for us. It has over 5000 songs sung by varied artistes along with Ameen Sayani’s Binaca Geetmala. You can also browse through various moods like – romance, sad, ghazal, spiritual, etc., and you can also tune into your favourite radio station. So, my mom has a perfect solution for her sleepless nights and dad can carry it while travelling. I feel great that this joint gift for parents has eventually become an apt choice.

  • Photo Collage

    My mom has dedicated a special wall to put up our family portrait just like Karan Johar does in his films. We got in touch with so many photographers who clicked an array of pictures, but none of them delivered our masterpiece. So, finally, we decided to bid them adieu and me and my brother decided to make a collage. Thanks to the internet, I got the perfect Online Photo Editor which gave an applauding result. My brother got the picture framed and it was an amazing surprise and one of the best joint gift for parents.

  • Scrapbook

    This was a complete DIY project for us and we got a chance to dig into old memories. Me and brother hunted down all old photos of my parents, right from their marriage, our birth, their achievements, etc. I just bought a handmade scrapbook from Venus Traders arranged all these photos in a sequence and complemented the book with decorative. Earnest messages made this book livelier. To beautify more, you can also add messages of their close friends, which will add to their contentment.

  • Books

    After music, books are something my parents totally love. Not just my parents, but I have seen many parents who like to read through books, especially spiritual, mythology and autobiography. Books can never be dead and our parents prove that in the righteous manner. Moreover, if your parents are a tech-freak, then instead of book you can also gift a kindle along with their favourite subscriptions.

  • Soothing Holiday

    Our parents have literally slogged their years nurturing us and old age is the time when we need to pamper them to the fullest. Moreover, during this phase, they need to spend some quality time with each other without thinking about financial management. So, it’s a great idea to gift them a trip which will be totally arranged by you and will suit their liking. Keep all financial management to yourself so they can enjoy without any worry. Owing to their health and age, plan an itinerary and make arrangements that will not become too arduous for them. Well, I still in the planning phase but I am sure it will be accomplished soon!

  • Candle Light Dinner

    Just like us, even our parents crave for romantic outings. It is the time, when your mom can take a day-off from the kitchen and enjoy the pampering by relishing on some awesome delicacies. However, in our case, my mom hates eating outside so we plan an in-house-candle-light-dinner and I am sure several moms do the same! Then we plan the dinner at home and get some genuine and hygienic cooks on-board, who are well aware of my mom’s taste. Believe me, dinner plan can be one of the best joint gift for parents wherein we can enjoy, revive memories and get energized!

  • Friends Reunion

    Last year, my father-in-law (FIL) got an amazing surprise, because his best friend had come to meet him for his birthday. These guys have been thick friends for the last 50 years and it was so fascinating to see them talk and gossip in sign language. Moreover, my FIL took him around our society, introduced to his new friends, showed his katta (meeting point of all his friends) and it was so exhilarating to watch. We as children should definitely plan such reunions, especially as it can become one of the best gifts for lonely elderly parents. Parents like to reminiscent their old memories and shouldn’t we as their children give them this chance?

  • Full Body Check-Up / Spa Treatment

    My father is a doctor so this idea is mundane for them. But this is a great idea for my FIL, as me and my husband take him for a regular health check-up. Keeping a track of his needs, treatment and meds makes him feel special and an assurance that his kids are taking care of him. For my parents, if health check-up doesn’t work, then I opt for a spa treatment. I had gifted my mom an amazing and holistic spa treatment which gave her inner peace and she still recollects the serene atmosphere. Parents tend to get emotionally hurt owing to age, so a spa treatment is the perfect gift for both parents.

  • Your Time

    The most important and classic gift for both parents is YOUR TIME. Plan an amazing day, fill it with joy, keep your work away, and then see the joy on their faces – it’s a million-dollar vision. I know we all our burdened with work, but we can spare some time for them by planning an outing or at least a family lunch / dinner. Buying them gifts is materialistic, but WE KIDS are the biggest gift for them!

Well, I hope you get some enlightenment with this post for coming up with a joint gift for parents. Apart from this, if you have any superb idea, then feel free to comment!

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