Check Out Some Of The Best Funny Weight Loss Excuses!

Check out some of the best funny weightloss excuses

So, after a beautiful journey of my weight loss, many of my friends and colleagues got inspired and decided to walk on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Not just this, my father brought about a revolution because he managed to lose almost 20 kgs, thanks to Jeevanrekha therapy and my dear friend Dr Varada. Slowly, people started showing love towards the therapy and started contacting repeatedly. However, the fun part is that when I started narrating the entire diet programme, people started coming up with some funny weight loss excuses.

  1. I Have A Baby

    Yes, after reading this headline, you might wonder how it can be funny? Well, let me elaborate. So, last week I got a message from a friend enquiring about the weight loss therapy. I gave her all the necessary details and schedule, that she has to stick to. The first question she asks me – is it easy because I have a baby. I thought the baby must be 6 months – 1 year old and she might be breastfeeding. So, out of curiosity, I asked her ‘baby’s age’ and she quickly answered 8 years. Really? Furthermore, I asked her baby’s schedule as to why that could be a hindrance in weight loss? And to my surprise, the poor baby is out whole day busy in school and classes and only in the evening, he is home with his mummy. And during that time, he troubles her to a level, that she can’t continue with diet and weight loss. I then realised – its just another funny weight loss excuses.

  2. I Might Faint

    This is one legendary reason I got from a friend who is working in IT. She just said that if I don’t eat I will faint and my work will be left incomplete. I further explained that you don’t have to starve in any way, you just need to eat healthy. She further grilled saying that, the quantity might be very less and usually if I eat less than my usual quantity then I start feeling giddy. Also, she highlighted an important fact that she can’t keep herself away from junk food for too long. So, I bid adieu to her explanations and never referred her for this treatment. But to my dismay, she still continues to haunt me with her funny weight loss excuses.

  3. I Don’t Look Good When I Lose Weight

    So, one fine day, I had gone to go the gym and fortunately met a long-lost friend. She immediately recognised my weight loss and asked for the secret mantra. I explained her the therapy and I genuinely thought that she should opt for it. In fact, I shared my viewpoint too, owing to the health problems she was facing. However, her reply made me hit myself! She said she doesn’t like to be underweight. I accept some people are very particular about looks, so I explained to her that being healthy is important, isn’t it? She said, but dieting and exercise will make me thin and furthermore, I am not going to be happy with my body then why go for it?

  4. Exercise/Diet Don’t Work On My Body

    Every person has a notion that he/she is a prodigy who knows each and every aspect of the human body and nutrition. Firstly, such people opt for some random diet that is not prescribed by a licensed practitioner and if it doesn’t work then they blame all medical practitioners. Moreover, I have youngsters giving me reason that, “if I undertake exercises, my body starts paining”. They don’t know, that it can actually be a sign of improving fitness. Most importantly, if you have no knowledge about gym training and continue to have pain, then get a trainer on-board and opt for expert advice. Above all, let the expert decide what is good or bad for your body. PERIOD!

  5. I Am Born Healthy

    I am tired of listening to this excuse. Every person is born healthy but healthy is not being obese. Moreover, they have the audacity to say that – “hum khaate peete ghar se hai” which loosely means that we are from a family that has wholesome food. These people have no qualms about their overgrowing weight and its aftermath. Sad, that its been repeatedly highlighted to live a healthy lifestyle, but some blindly overlook it.

  6. If I Quit Sugar, My Sugar Level Increases

    So, one fine day I got an enquiry and this person asked me just one question– do I have to quit sugar? Well, the fun part is that this person is a diabetic, has high cholesterol and still had the audacity to ask me this. I also probed furthermore like a naïve that what is the reason for this question. And the answer ridiculed me – if I don’t eat sugar my sugar level rises. I had heard that less sugar = diabetes in control and eventually the sugar level. But no sugar = rise in sugar is something I haven’t heard of in ages. Must be just another funny weight loss excuses.

  7. My Family Forces Me To Avoid Dieting

    I have seen people spending whopping money on diet and gym, but not following them and blaming their family. Not just this, they want to keep it a secret from their family and friends. I don’t understand why hide? Having your family by your side while undertaking a weight loss journey can be mesmerising. With your healthy food antics, they might also start implementing. Nevertheless, if you explain them, I am sure they won’t oblige you to eat something that doesn’t suit your diet. Most importantly, I believe that one should be firm on his/her decision to control their hunger pangs and not blame the family.

Well, these were some of the funny weight loss excuses I have personally come across. However, if you have some, then let me know in the comments!

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