Lockdown Special: Unusual Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Lockdown Special: Unusual Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

This lockdown has turned to be fruitful to some while a curse for others. Some people are lucky to be with their families. While some are far away from families, thus having nightmares. Amidst this, May 10 is Mother’s Day. And I can completely relate to this situation. Despite staying in the same town, I did not meet my mother for over a month now. Abiding by the rules is our priority and I am sure my mother will surely agree. After all, these are her life lessons.

So, I am not going to whine. Instead, I am compiling a list of unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day. It will not only make your life worthwhile but also help you cherish every moment to the fullest.

Some unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Value her principles

A mother never expects gifts from her kids. But she does expect – that they value her principles. Because our mother is the one who is responsible to shape our lives. And if the kids follow her principles then it gives her immense happiness. Yes, there might be a conflict of interest. But don’t yell at her. Just make her understand her fault. A sweet talk can do wonders.

Harry Emerson Fosdick has rightly said,

“Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it. Bitterness paralyzes life; love empowers it. Bitterness sours life; love sweetens it. Bitterness sickens life; love heals it. Bitterness blinds life; love anoints its eyes.”

2. Make her feel special

Our mothers are constantly on the run handling chores. Especially in this lockdown situation, their aim is keeping their family happy. Then, why not we spare some time to make her feel special. Share household chores. Help her with cooking, cleaning, and make her feel relaxed. Tune in to some amazing songs that she loves the most. After a tiring day, give her a soothing massage. Now that the salons are closed, then pamper her with some manicure/pedicure at home. I am sure, this is one of the most unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day which she will completely love!

3. Acknowledge her presence

Several times, we have to move out of our homes for work, education, or marital bliss. Despite this, your love for your mommy shouldn’t shrink in any way. Spare time to call her. Especially, in this lockdown situation, it is impossible to travel. But we are fortunate enough to have smartphones. Stay connected with her and give her daily updates. Make a video call and entertain her with some antics.

You may sing for her or dedicate a beautiful melody. I am sure mothers find happiness in such small gestures too. And this I feel can be one of the best and unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Because mothers just need your love and nothing else.

4. Celebrate motherhood every day

Why should we celebrate motherhood only on Mother’s Day? Instead, every day should be Mother’s Day. We see the beauty of this world because of our mothers. Our existence is because of them. So, we should thank them for bringing us into this world not just on Mother’s day but every day! 

5. Introduce her to things that she was deprived of

When it comes to the digital world, most of the mothers know nothing. So, grab this opportunity and introduce them to the world of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Disney + Hotstar, etc. Help them with mobile functioning. Yes, most of the mommies prefer staying away from being tech-savvy. But in lockdown, for entertainment, you can help her with these platforms. I think this is one of the unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Apart from this, you may also shower mommies with some virtual gifts, like:

✷ Organize a virtual party with family members using apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or Google Duo. Ask every family member to share their favorite memory.

✷ Gift her subscriptions of either Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney + Hotstar.

✷ Write a beautiful poem or letter. I would suggest going for a handwritten letter. It makes the moment special.

✷ Bake a nice cake or cook for her.

This is for those who are around. But, if you are away from your mommies, you can still dedicate a special menu for her!

✷ Make a small video or a video collage of your memories.

✷ Play or sing her favorite song.

✷ Enact a scene from her favorite film.

✷ Gift her online courses like – baking, sewing, etc.

✷ Gift her eBooks.

On a parting note

So, these are some of the unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Of course, who doesn’t like gifts? But in such peril times, the love and comfort is something every mother is craving for. So, if you are away from your mother, then make sure to spare little time to connect with her. Your well-being is her utmost happiness! 

Before signing off, this beautiful song dedicated to all the beautiful mothers out there!

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