8 Careers Indian Parents Will Never Understand!

8 Careers Indian Parents Will Never Understand!

Recently, I met one of our very close family friend whose son is pursuing hotel management. However, his grandparents seemed very unpleasant with his career choice. After striking a conversation I realised that for them doctor, engineer, is a better career option than cooking in a kitchen and especially for a man to do so! I felt sad that there are so many offbeat careers, Indian parents will never understand because they are still stuck in the vicious circle called ‘society’.

  1. Fashion Designer

    None of the parents like their son and daughter to ‘stitch clothes’. But they don’t understand fashion designing is beyond that. A fashion designer studies the ongoing market trends and accordingly sketches clothing or any accessory. They also have sound knowledge about fabrics and there are several layers in the career of fashion designing.

  2. Hair Stylist

    “Oh! Now you want to cut people’s hair”? Moreover, they also say – “is there a dearth of barbers in our area”? Well, there’s a definite difference between a barber and a hair stylist and this is one of the careers Indian parents will never understand. It’s been observed that barbers are not that well-trained unlike hair stylists and a certain clan undertake this business. Also, they mainly cater to male clients. But hair stylist will not only cut your hair but will also help you with grooming and share some tips.

  3. Bartender

    Bartending is not at all a lucrative job according to our parents. On top of that, alcohol plays an integral part then surely it is not a great job. Several parents have a misconception about bartending because they feel bartenders have to deal with some weird personalities (drunk people). However, I feel any job if undertaken with utmost sincerity, can surely yield great results.

  4. Painter Artist

    What are you going to paint? How much are you going to earn from painting? Who will buy your painting? Why will they buy your painting? These are some of the most obvious questions parents have and I won’t blame them to an extent because exhibiting your art can be a hurricane task. But again, there are so many Indian painter artists who created history, yet some careers Indian parents will never understand.

  5. DJ

    Many parents compare DJ with the likes of bandwala. A traditional band is completely different and the job of a DJ is completely different. A traditional band in India definitely plays live music, but they prefer old classics. Whereas, while you are a DJ, you have to stay updated about the music trends, songs, etc. And mind you parents, though both the professions are different they are still respected and difficult in their own way.

  6. Photographer

    When you are a photographer, especially a wildlife – you have to go places to capture the best moments. Many parents are against this idea of travelling. On top of that, they are ready to pay fees, but not ready to chip in for a camera. You can relate to this situation, if you have watched the 3 Idiots movie, wherein Farhan’s (portrayed by Madhavan) parents are against his career choice. Photography is one of those careers, Indian parents will never understand.

  7. Tattoo Artist

    Parents have a lot of inhibitions when their child decides to be a tattoo artist. “How can you earn by ‘drawing’ on someone else’s body?” Moreover, tattoo artists tend to have tattoos on their bodies. So, our desi parents have the constant pressure of the society that how it is going to accept their child. If I tell my mom that I am going to get a tattoo done and she flares. Imagine, if I tell her I am going to be a tattoo artist!

  8. Massage Therapist

    The other day, a patient turned up at our wellness clinic 5O’sense and struck a conversation with our therapist. She noted that our therapist might be feeling inferior to introduce herself as a ‘massage therapist’ as it is not easily acceptable in the society. When I heard this statement, I got immensely furious, but that’s how we look at these jobs – with inferiority. But the society nor our parents realise that several massage therapists today work with most reputed establishments with respect and pride. They have earned degrees to get to this position and I really feel,  this is one of the most important careers, Indian parents will never understand.

Societal pressure plays an integral part in manipulating the thinking of our parents. Well, I rest my pen with this list of careers, Indian parents will never understand. If you have anything to add to complete this list, then feel free to comment!

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