A Rant Against The Software Companies!

A Rant Against The Software Companies!

It’s been more than a month that, I haven’t spoken to my husband; a son hasn’t struck up a conversation with his elderly father and has been working relentlessly to please his onshore team! Oh, yes, you want to know the reason why – job security, dreams of going on-site, blah blah blah!

My husband literally speaks in an unusual language called the coding language. When I try waking him up in the morning- he questions me about the logic of the code? When he is driving, back of the mind, he is continuously thinking about the deliverables. Moreover, his phone starts ringing endlessly – either asking about the status of the development or some junior is stuck in between the development. I know it sounds immensely funny, but from a family’s point of view – it isn’t!

With this, I realized how much pressure he has to undergo to fulfill his tasks back at work. He gets calls in the middle of the night, at the crack of dawn and amidst this, he is being unsuccessful to undertake his responsibilities towards his family. During our house-warming, my husband had disappeared for good 3-4 hours, why? He was trying to save his ass from getting fired from a newly joined software company. His project managers, onshore team was calling him continuously despite knowing that he was on a HOLIDAY! And yes, they threatened him too – do you want to lose your job?

Literally, this dialogue is enough to screw our happiness. We plan our family outings considering his schedule and at the end of the day my husband disappears or tags his laptop along. Well, you might feel that why, is your husband doing so when he has to undergo so much pain? Why isn’t he taking any stringent action against the company and putting an end to this? Well, he tried resigning, but thanks to the poor scenario of India software industry, he isn’t getting another job! Some software companies complain that – he is too qualified and some say that they don’t have enough funds to match his pay scale!

Amidst this, I just want to ask few questions to these beloved software companies:

  • Is it mandatory to work beyond your regular timings? If yes, then why you have work timings?
  • Apart from work, why an employee has to indulge in some extra curricular activities to earn a promotion?
  • If an employee deserves an on-site visa, then why he/she isn’t given that opportunity easily?
  • Why an employee has to work on holidays? And if he disagrees, why is he threatened?
  • Why the onshore team enjoys maximum perks (personal and public holidays, time constraint, family time, outsourcing everything to India).
  • And the most important one – if anything awry happens to the employee (heath ailments, unsafe in the company) then as a family what are we suppose to do?

I know this rant might be baseless, but I am sure there might be several families who might be unhappy with the work culture of software companies. Software companies surely pay you well, but what about the immense stress that an employee undergoes? If he/she is going to live a stressful life and that fat paycheck is going to be spent in mending that health disorder. Then, sorry I want my husband, but not that paycheck!

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