15 Best Indian Accounts to Follow on Instagram

best indian accounts to follow on Instagram

Creativity has no limits. It can come in any form and manner. And believe me, this creativity kept me entertained the entire lockdown. Wondering how? Well, by following some of the best Instagram accounts. The lockdown gave a podium for content creators to showcase their best skills, and that legacy eventually continued. These creators were limited to YouTube, TikTok, while later being the most famous. However, with the TikTok ban, guess who benefited the most – Instagram.

Instagram Reels brought a ray of hope to many content creators to come up with short videos, challenges, and so much more. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram. These accounts were a huge relief for me in my good and bad times. I hope the same works for you!

Which are the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram?

1. Humans of Bombay

Why to follow: Inspirational stories

My list is incomplete if I fail to mention this page. If you think your life is hell, then please go through this page for positivity. It has an inspirational compilation of stories that will melt your heart. I started believing in goodness after following this Instagram account.

2. Abhi & Niyu

Why to follow: Current affairs

Many people comment on the condition of the country but never come up with a lucrative solution. But Abhi and Niyu are an exception! They highlight the plight, trending news, and social cause but at the same time suggest solutions. Implementing these solutions might be a hurricane task, but at least they do not beat around the bush. Truly one of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram.

3. Bharatiya Digital Party (BhaDiPa)

Why to follow: Comedy

BhaDiPa is a Marathi YouTube channel conceptualized by Sarang Sathaye, Paula McGlynn, and Anusha Nandakumar. Looking for a dose of laughter, this is one of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram. They run a series of short videos in which Aai ani Me is my personal favorite.

4. Sameera Reddy

Why to follow: Lifestyle

I am sure everyone knows Sameera Reddy. She was a former Indian actress and now a mum of two cute kiddos. You might be wondering why her Instagram page is interesting? Then you must check out some amazing videos that she shoots with her kids and her mother-in-law aka Sassy Sasu. Not just fun videos, she shares some informational posts as well. Her videos with her kids Nyra and Hans melt my heart, literally!

5. Artkala

Why to follow: DIY projects

Whenever I find some old stuff at home, I get confused about what to do with them. I turn to this Instagram page to find inspiration. The simple DIY videos are uncomplicated, beautifully shot, and equipped with proper instructions. So, looking forward to recycling, you know which account to follow!

6. Kusha Kapila

Why to follow: Total entertainment

Kusha is a complete entertainment package. Her videos are fun to watch, especially the ‘mummy’ videos. Whenever I feel gloomy, I browse through her page, and I feel so energized. There is never a tinge of overacting; rather it is balanced. You will never find her videos boring. She gives social messages in the best possible way!

7. Tariq Khan

Why to follow: Mobile photography

Lately, I started taking an interest in mobile photography, and that’s when I stumbled upon Tariq’s Instagram page. And believe me, that’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He clicks creative pictures as well as shoots amazing videos and uploads the tutorial as well.

8. Being Punekar

Why to follow: Pune news

If you want to get all the updates on Pune, then Being Punekar is the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram. Right from travel, food, events to entertainment and news; you will find everything on this page. Now that I am working from home and traveling is a big no-no. I browse through this page to know what all is happening in Pune!

9. Quirksmith

Why to follow: Jewelry

I might not wear jewelry extensively, but I love collecting unique pieces. And if you are just like me, then do check out this amazing Instagram page. All their jewelry is handcrafted, and designs are enticing. They have a beautiful collection of nose rings, which caught my attention and psst I have already ordered one!

10.  Focused Indian

Why to follow: Comedy

Karan Sonawane had to be on this list because I think he has unique humorous content. His videos are truly fun to watch, and I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, especially when his father is in the frame. Besides, they are a group of content creators who beautifully participate in each other’s videos. I am going to have a separate post about all these geniuses. But for now, I feel that Focused Indian is one of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram for comedy.

11. Yum

Why to follow: Recipes

I love cooking, and I always hunt for recipes. But browsing through so many videos becomes cumbersome. Besides, some videos have boring commentary. So, if you want to skip this lethargic process, then tune in to Yum’s Instagram page. They have some of the easiest and no-fuss recipes. The ingredients are available and nothing out-of-the-box. Do give it a try once!

12. A&A

Why to follow: Lucknowi chikankari manufacturer

If you buy chikankari in Pune, I am sure it will cost you a bomb. But what if you get it at a reasonable price, straight from Lucknow? That’s when you must check out the A&A page because they have a beautiful collection of chikankari kurtas and dresses. I can vouch for this because I bought a kurta from them and it turned out to be amazing!

13. Amma ki Thaali

Why to follow: Easy recipes

Amma ki Thaali has to be one of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram if you love cooking. The videos are short, handy ingredients, clear instructions, and no boring commentary. The recipes are so easy that I have tried a couple of them.

14. Jaya Sathaye

Why to follow: Budget fashion, beauty tips

When it comes to fashion, the first word that comes to our mind is – expensive. But believe me, after following Jaya’s Instagram account, you will come across an amazing set of budget fashion hacks. With this, she also shares genuine beauty tips, product reviews, and fun reels.

15. Indumati Arts

Why to follow: Handmade jewelry and home décor

Conceptualized by Neha Khare, Indumati Arts is a one-stop solution if you are a fan of handmade jewelry. You will find a variety of earrings, anklets, neckpieces, and much more. Besides, there is a variety of home décors like painted kettles, coasters, and trays.   

On a parting note

Well, these were my personal favorite, and according to me, they are some of the best Indian accounts to follow on Instagram. But do enlighten me with your favorite Instagram page and why you like them. I will be more than happy to check out something new!

15 Best Indian Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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