Nostalgic Moments After Meeting A Childhood Friend After A Long Time!

Nostalgic Moments While Meeting A Childhood Friend After A Long Time!

Last weekend was one of the best phase of my life because I met a childhood friend after a long time. Long time as in – 18 years! We were besties in school but for her further studies, she moved to Mumbai. Thanks to mobile phones, we stayed connected but met just once after school. Every year, we greeted each other on birthdays without fail, but meeting in person was next to impossible. So, one fine day she called me and we finally took the plunge of meeting up. She decided to come to Talegaon and seeing her was one of the most nostalgic moments ever!

  • A Trip Down The Memory Lane

    First and foremost, when I saw her, all old memories started disembarking in my head. While exploring her old house, riding through lanes where her relatives stayed, literally all memories started coming alive. Nevertheless, I started feeling that our teen life is back! We climbed the Harneshwar Tekdi to witness the beautiful sunset amidst never-ending talks. Harneshwar Tekdi was our favourite field-trip destination while in school.

  • School Days Are Back

    Well, it was very obvious that we had to explore our school. The school played a special role throughout our childhood. We played, fought, patched-up, competed, studied and went through so many phases. Fortunately, we met one of our former Principal – Sister Roselyn and her happiness had no boundaries. As we explored the classes, the new buildings, our playground, we literally thought – the old school days are back. I felt like I am still the same school girl while meeting a childhood friend after a long time.

  • Turned Gossipmongers

    Yeah, to an extent we became gossipmongers too! We gossiped about our classmates, common friends, our neighbours and also about our personal lives. We gossiped and nagged about our partners too, and it was justified as I was meeting a childhood friend after a long time. Long discussions about parents, our careers, kids and so many things still couldn’t sum up the chasm of 18 years.

  • Contrast Between Past And Present

    When my friend had left Talegaon, it was literally a village with no ultra-modern facilities. We literally had to travel to Pune even to shop for accessories and apparels. But now Talegaon has completely evolved with new institutes, food joints, café, plush residential societies, etc. My friend was in a state of awe that Talegaon really had so much land which is now beautifully utilized by companies and residential societies. We shared some amazing experiences from the past – right from turning a barren land to an amazing luxurious residence. Also, I gave her a sneak peek of nightlife too, which was a big NO-NO during our teen times.

  • Crazy Teenage Crush

    School days are the time to fall in love or get attracted towards someone. Similarly, we were not different! We had a long discussion after ages about our school crushes. We came up with names of guys that we never discussed while in school time. Well, these names were literally element of surprises for both of us – like really? The list ended but our talks, experiences never ended.

Well, this is exactly what I felt when meeting a childhood friend after a long time. And I have promised myself that no matter what, I am going to be in touch with all my friends despite hectic life. So, do you have any encounters like these? Then, share your experiences in the comment below!

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