Why Ola Auto Is My First Choice While Using Public Transport?

Why Ola Auto Is My First Choice While Using Public Transport?

Though Pune Traffic scene is at its worst, I love driving. But to skip this crazy traffic, auto rickshaws are a breather and Ola auto is an icing on the cake. Everything is available at a click, you are tracked and you don’t need hard cash, thanks to Ola money! Most importantly, Ola auto is way better than the rude auto drivers in Pune who bluntly shoo you away.

  • Everything Is Professional And Transparent

    As soon as you book an auto, they give you a detailed description about the location of your Ola auto and its duration to reach the destination. Before confirming your booking, they also mention the fare and once finalised, the auto is further booked. Once the booking is done, the Ola auto can be tracked live on the map. The best part is when it’s a minute away, you get a message too! They display – the name of the driver, contact number, vehicle number and his ratings. Besides that, if you are confused about the whereabouts of the driver then you can just place a call. Once you board the Ola auto, the GPS system tracks your location live and at any point you find anything fishy then you can press SOS!

  • You Feel, You’ve Met A Friend

    If we aren’t traceable in any way, then the drivers call you to locate you. They pick you up exactly at the mentioned location. Till date, I’ve had the best experience with Ola auto wherein the drivers have been immensely friendly. I’ve had long friendly talks wherein I’ve met educated drivers who have left jobs because of the recession or have moved to Pune because of family problems. Most importantly, they make sure to drive safely without hurting you on bumpy roads or speed breakers.

  • They Ride, No Matter What

    Once, I was at Shivajinagar, frustrated because none of the auto drivers were ready to drop us to the city. On the contrary, they were demanding some obnoxious amount which isn’t feasible in any way. However, as soon as I contacted Ola auto, within a minute’s time, I got a response and the driver had arrived to pick us up. Not just this, but hiring an auto at the rickshaw stand (waiting hub) is also a pain. You have to consider their queue wherein you can’t ask any random driver to drop you. But with Ola auto you can skip this step and have access everywhere and anywhere!

  • Cherish Pocket-Friendly Rides

    Once I was caught up at Vishal Nagar near Wakad, Pune and was heading towards Aundh. I waited for hours to get a bus, but all my efforts turned futile. There was a rickshaw parked nearby and I enquired for its availability. His temperament made me so angry as he put forth his demands – won’t be charged by the meter and the proposed charges were exorbitant. I refused and booked Ola auto who charged me half the amount. With this, I had the most comfortable ride ever and yes, I paid via PAYTM too.

P.S. Well, after reading this, if you are wondering if I am the spokesperson of Ola auto or promoting them in any way, then that’s not the case at all! I am a truly satisfied passenger of Ola auto and hence thought of sharing my experiences.

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