Yes! I want to adopt a child!

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I have been married for 3 years now! All my friends and family are haunting me with only one question – when are you going to give us the good news? My friends around me are either expecting or have already delivered their babies, so obviously my family is being repeatedly suggested – Why don’t you talk to them and convince them to have a baby ASAP!

It’s not that we don’t want to have a baby but after going through 2 major miscarriages, I definitely need to take a break! However, after a 6 month break, we started trying again but failed. My body now needs an operative called – Ovarian drilling which I and my husband are completely against. So, we came to a conclusion, why not we adopt a baby!   

When we shared this idea with our parents, they welcomed our move with open hands. However, there were some spoilsports who are against this move. So, after much discussions, I realised people have so many misunderstandings about adoption. Me and my husband were bombarded with hell lot of questions:

·        Do you know the background of the baby?
·        Do you know whether the baby is illegitimate or legitimate?
·        Do you know the caste, religion of the baby?
·        In the near future, what if the child comes to know that he/she is adopted?
·        What if the baby disowns you and goes on a searching spree of his/her real parents?
·        It’s not your blood, then how can it take our family forward?

Not questions but I got some suggestions too:

·        If you really want to do good for the society, take up the responsibility of the baby but don’t adopt it.
·        If the child misbehaves, you will regret adopting it.
·        If you have your own child, then the adopted child is a threat.
·        If you adopting, don’t ever let him/her know that he is being adopted as the child might keep the grudge.
·        There are chances of backstabbing too. Child might just not take care of you!

These were very few but I am sure, there are a dozen of questions and suggestions that every childless couple face. I just want to say, that I am not afraid to be a called a mother of a child who has not been nurtured in my womb. I want to do this and I will do it!

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2 thoughts on “Yes! I want to adopt a child!

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