8 Interesting Things That I Come Across During My Morning Walk!

Gym, exercises, morning walks, diet never played a key role in my life until now. I hated them to the core, reason being – laziness. But as I started my weight loss journey, these factors have become an integral part of my life. I never let go my morning walk, exercises – no matter what and in fact cherish every moment. So, I thought why not jot down some interesting facts that I come across during my morning walks.

  1. Loud Gargling Noise

    This is a very common sight, if you are going for an early morning walk especially in a housing society. Every lane/path you cross, there’ll be people who’ll be making weird gargling sounds at the top of their voices. Sometimes, I fear that their tonsils will be out while undertaking this nasty business.

  2. Nagging Children, Parents And School Bus

    This moment is a nostalgic trip altogether. I always remember how cranky I would get while waking up and getting ready for school. Every lane I pass, there are kids crying and howling to avoid school. With kids, however, there are howling parents too! Well, nagging kids are mostly the juniors and the seniors are more into studies and books. Every day I see groups of children, waiting for their school buses with a book in their hand. Actually, it’s sad to watch them everyday studying and revising with friends and family. Sometimes, I feel they have lost the essence of childhood.

  3. Gossipmongers

    Oh! These are a threat and ladies play an active part in this horrendous crime. Whenever I pass any group of ladies, they are either talking about their neighbour or ABOUT ME!! ? Sorry to take this credit, but these girls aren’t fond of my brisk walking as they are unable to do so ?. They always peep into my weight loss journey, diet plan and sometimes call me a Bullet Train. I love the attention, but I know what they gossip about me ?

  4. Pets Pooping

    I don’t particularly love pets, but early morning they are out with their owners leaking and pooping. Not in the society particularly, but when you are doing an outdoor walk, you’ll find dog poop after every step. And if you are a cynophobic (technically dog-phobic), then morning walk can be scary too because I have seen my friends screaming, running and troubling me.

  5. Breakfast Discussions

    Ladies love to talk and their main concern is the breakfast table and dabba (tiffin). I see many exchanging recipes and ideas and some have proved fruitful for me too. With breakfast, there is an ounce of complaints and nagging too. But all-in-all, it’s healthy and helpful.

  6. Cute Couples

    This moment really makes me go AWWWW. There are so many cute couples, right from youngsters to seniors who talk and walk. There is this couple, wherein the wife is suffering with arthritis and so the husband holds her by her hand and they take a slow walk. On the other hand, there is a couple who is expecting their first child and so the husband takes a slow walk and once his wife is done, he goes ahead for a run. Some couple even make it to the track with their kids right from the age of 8-9 months to 3 years. It’s a delight to watch them all!

  7. Funny Antics In The Name Of Exercise

    This is the most funniest scene ever. There are so many people who in the name of exercise, carry out some weird methodologies. Some swing their hands, while some go on a jumping spree. Some twist and turn their neck, while some make funny faces. Amidst all this, some undertake it to just grab attention. I am no expert, but I know some basic exercises and how they are implemented. I wish I could capture some pictures, but will try to do next time.

  8. Car Cleaners

    Lastly, there are car cleaners, who are away from their family and find the morning time to interact with them. They get water on their scooters or bicycle and run from one building to another to give a new look to the car. There’s a mobile car-washing service too, wherein they get their own water and pipes to wash.

Above all, there’s ME, my headphones and my mobile that make it to the track every day. I love my morning walk experience wherein I get to capture the early sunrise, blooms and new friends. So, do you have some unique experience to share, then do let me know by commenting!

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