Unforgettable Friendship Day Celebration Ideas From the 90s

Unforgettable Friendship Day Celebration Ideas From the 90s

When we were teenagers, we eagerly waited for friendship day. It held significance in our lives as it was the time of the year to make new friends and celebrate old friends. Times changed, new trends set in, but the fervor still lives. But I still miss that old friendship day celebration. It was fun altogether because we friends would spend time with each other. We had some unique celebrations too. Do you want to know about our friendship day celebration ideas? Keep reading.

Friendship day celebration ideas of the 90s

1. Hunt for the perfect friendship band

A few days back, I stumbled upon a gift shop and saw these modern bands made from rubber and silicone. But in our times, we always had friendship day band made from satin. Every gift shop had a huge collection and would put them on display at the entrance. We would crowd the shop to choose our favorite one. However, times changed drastically, where social media has taken over friendship. A random ‘friend request’ suffices these needs.

2. Friendship Day card

Now we have virtual friendship day wishes, but during our college times, we would flood the gift shop to choose a unique friendship day card for our besties. By the way, we always chose cards that had distinctive wishes because we never had Google in those times. We relied on these cards and their messages to impress our friends. 

3. Finalizing destination to hang out

I was a student of Fergusson College. Therefore we had to find other places to hang out with friends, and that “other” place undoubtedly was PUNE CAMP. Pune camp was our favorite because my friends stayed close by, and for me, Pune Station was in the vicinity. Most importantly, Pune camp was the most happening place; oh wait, it continues to be. There were several places to hang out within Camp, and the crowd was YO (modern, according to us).

4. Playing dress up

One of the most important friendship day activities was to try on different clothes. If the destination is CAMP, attire must complement the location, isn’t it? I know it sounds tacky, but those were the days. Because we expected some random guy would walk in and ask for friendship. But never mind, it never worked for us!

5. Keeping a count of maximum bands

The bands on our hands exhibited our popularity. More the bands, the more you are favored. Unfortunately, I always lost in this race of friendship bands, but I am lucky to have bestest friends around me at this very moment.  

6. Blossoming of a new relationship

They say, “friendship is the first step towards love.” Yeah, I know it sounds filmy, yet it was the ultimate truth during our times. We were under the influence of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and hence the funda. By fluke, if any guy asked for friendship, especially the one we had a huge crush on, then it was a dreamy affair altogether. Other than this, giving hints to our crush, gifting them chocolates, extending a friendly hand were very common and kinda cute in those days. All these gestures were never offensive in any manner! Instead, we all were well within our boundaries. 

7. Fun gatherings

After exchanging friendship day cards, bands, we would end up having fun gatherings, either at someone’s home or on college katta. If we planned on gathering at home, then watching friendship movies, playing dumb charades, and antakshari was the ritual. And this would go on all day till our mothers would remind us about the time.

8. Unique gifts

We never knew about any fancy gifts. Pens, pencil boxes, chocolates, roses, etc., were the usual gifting ideas for friendship day. Giving them to our best friend was the most valuable thing than anything in this world. At the same time, we also had an excitement about our gifts. Those were the happy days when social media, internet were nonexistent.

On a parting note

Coming home with a wrist full of friendship bands and showing them off in style to our parents made us very happy. Greetings cards, gifts, chocolates, colorful ribbons were our friendship day celebration ideas. And believe me, we were more than happy as compared to virtual friendship day celebrations.

Those nostalgic moments are so deep-rooted that they will never fade away. I feel so lucky to be born as a 90s kid cherishing all these beautiful moments. If you are a 90s kid and have something different to share, then comment below. I will be more than happy to know about your friendship day celebrations. And before I conclude, don’t miss out on this famous song.

Unforgettable Friendship Day Celebration Ideas From the 90s

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