Lockdown Situation: List of 8 Interesting Things to Do While at Home

Today the entire world is facing one of the worst outbreaks – coronavirus or COVID-19. This deadly outbreak has forced every person to stay indoors. To battle this situation, a global lockdown seems to have become an apt resolution. Even in India, Junta Curfew was announced so that people avoid social places. Interestingly, it received an extremely […]

Tips for a Perfect Detox After Diwali

I am sure everyone must have enjoyed Diwali to the fullest. And it must be getting difficult getting back to normal life. Diwali is one such festival that forces us into binge eating and lethargy. Every time the lip-smacking ladoos come in front of our eyes. We convince ourselves that Diwali comes just once in […]

Diwali Tips for Memorable Celebrations

Diwali – the festival of light is right around the corner. And it is celebrated with great aplomb and glitterati as it brings in positivity and hope. Moreover, Diwali binds families together and pampers every individual with loads of happiness. Amidst this, many cannot enjoy Diwali to the fullest. So, here are some simple Diwali […]

A Rant Against The Software Companies!

It’s been more than a month that, I haven’t spoken to my husband; a son hasn’t struck up a conversation with his elderly father and has been working relentlessly to please his onshore team! Oh, yes, you want to know the reason why – job security, dreams of going on-site, blah blah blah! My husband […]

8 Careers Indian Parents Will Never Understand!

Recently, I met one of our very close family friend whose son is pursuing hotel management. However, his grandparents seemed very unpleasant with his career choice. After striking a conversation I realised that for them doctor, engineer, is a better career option than cooking in a kitchen and especially for a man to do so! […]

8 Earnest Life Lessons Learned From My Mom!

Moms are one of the best and ideally the first teacher of your life. As you grow up, she prepares you for the competitive world that is ready to tear you apart. Me and brother also encountered several ups and downs in our personal and professional life. But we overcame them with finesse, thanks to […]

12 Reasons Why Summer Vacations Were Memorable In Childhood!

Yesterday, while taking a walk in my society, I noticed all the kids were outside playing cricket, badminton, football and indulging into outdoor activities. I was so delighted to see this because children are more addicted to technology. Well, we were quite lucky that we had no phone, laptops and that’s exactly why our summer […]

Nostalgic Moments After Meeting A Childhood Friend After A Long Time!

Last weekend was one of the best phase of my life because I met a childhood friend after a long time. Long time as in – 18 years! We were besties in school but for her further studies, she moved to Mumbai. Thanks to mobile phones, we stayed connected but met just once after school. […]