Listing 10 Ways to Help the Environment from Home

June 5th is commemorated as World Environment Day. I believe that every day should be Environment Day because that is the need of the hour. Today, we are grappled with a myriad of environmental issues like pollution, depletion of natural resources, the rise of ailments, climatic changes, and so much more. The media constantly emphasizes […]

15 Best Indian Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Creativity has no limits. It can come in any form and manner. And believe me, this creativity kept me entertained the entire lockdown. Wondering how? Well, by following some of the best Instagram accounts. The lockdown gave a podium for content creators to showcase their best skills, and that legacy eventually continued. These creators were […]

Lockdown in India: What are our Fellow Citizens Up to?

People across the globe have gone in the self-isolation phase to prevent the unwanted spread of COVID-19. Besides, countries have called for complete lockdown and India is no different. On March 25, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced 21 days lockdown in India to curb the virus. However, this lockdown phase has positive as well as […]

Tips To Work From Home In COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has left the entire world grief-stricken. Amidst this, to take extra precautions many businesses have urged their employees to opt for ‘work from home’. But employees who are habituated to working in office premises, find it extremely difficult. Though ‘work from home’ is an economic option, yet workaholics find it unproductive. So, […]

Check Out Best Website For Indian Recipes

I am sure everyone will agree that Indians are big-time foodies. After a family, career, food is something that every person adores. Moreover, along with eating, every person is also fond of cooking. But not all can cook and that’s when the best website for Indian recipes come to rescue. This website for recipes is […]

Ways To Make Your Freelancing Job Productive

I have been working as a freelance content writer for almost 5 years now. Amidst that, I realized that working from home, balancing your household chores, keeping up tight deadlines can be a hurricane task. Sometimes, I really feel like switching back to full-time employment than taking up freelancing job because benefits are many! However, […]

Have You Noticed These Gender Differences In Driving?

Battle of the sexes is not a new thing. There is a never-ending war between man and woman but one such fight that catches my attention is – who is the better driver? And I am glad that this battle is won by women which is furthermore proved by a research too but gender differences […]

Sneak Peek of Funny Expectations From a Spa Treatment!

It was a year back, I started working with my friend at her 5O’sense wellness clinic and med spa. Thanks to her obesity management program, I could get on board to help her. Furthermore, we planned marketing strategy and started implementing it. I started updating her Facebook page and she started conducting meetings for tie-ups. […]